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  1. Hum with Grado Cartridge

    CD Players | Turntables
    I have a Techniques SL-B20 turntable. I bought a Grado Gold cartridge for it an it hums. Has anyone else had this issue? I put it on and slid it into the PMount and tightened the set screw. I turned on the amp and pushed the tone arm and hum came across my speakers. I paid nice sum for it. I...
  2. Grado Replacement Pads

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Grado has changed from their original pad design - the "donut" design - to a design that covers the transducer - no donut hole - on some of their lower priced models - SR60i, SR80i, SR125i. The new design is called the S-pad. The new design cuts the highs a bit, which some users object to. The...
  3. Sennheiser HD650 or Grado RS2i???

    Headphones | Head Gear
    I am using Sennheiser HD555 headphones right now for watching movies and sometimes listening to music late at night when everyone has gone to bed. I am looking to upgrade and am wondering what you would reccommend between the Sennheiser HD650 and Grado RS2i? I'm looking to spend about $500 on...
  4. FS: Pro-ject RM-9.1 Turntable w/ Grado Sonata 1 cartridge

    Classifieds - Audio Equipment
    I have my Pro-ject RM-9.1 with Grado Sonata1 0.5 mV output cartridge for sale. The cartridge only has about 1 hour of use on it and the table has about 40 hours of use. Its all in great condition with no flaws. Also I will include the dust cover free of charge ($140 value). I just don't find...
  5. Grado SR80i Headphones

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Grado SR80i Dynamic Headphones Reviewed * May 11, 2009 The Grado name is no stranger to audiophiles, and it's a name that deserves wider recognition among the public at large. That's because, in addition to a line of well-respected phono cartridges, Grado makes high-quality headphones -...
  6. Grado rs1 headphones

    Headphones | Head Gear
    When I worked at Harvey Sound some years ago, a very nice gentleman walked in the store. Did not know who he was, but was soon to find out. What you must also know, is that my knowledge of high end headphones, was somewhat lacking at that time. All he had were these fairly large headphones, a...
  7. Grado sr - 40

    Headphones | Head Gear
    Well, I think this is great. These headphones stand a better chance than the SR60`s, to get the I-pod wearing crowd to update their headphones. Then, afterwards, they can take the next step to higher end systems.