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  1. Roomie and Grafik Eye QS Automation question

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I have purchased and installed a Grafik Eye QS system. I purchased and installed with the unit the QS-CI-NWK-E - Ethernet interface module QSE-IO - contact closure IO interface Have them installed and can telnet to the ethernet interface - and via the telnet interface select the zone...
  2. Grafik Eye / LED light flicker?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    I'm nearing the end of my theater build and installed my GE QS last week. I have a LED rope light in my tray from hitlights.com. If any of the zones are on and the LED rope light is off, the rope light flickers every 5 seconds or so. The GE has to be "all off" to prevent the flicker. If my...
  3. Purchasing a Lutron Grafik EYE QS system

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Has anyone out there purchased one of these? It is apparently the newer system - replacing the 3000. However, after completing the design tool and getting a bill of materials for one - i cannot find them anywhere. Not even the Lutron web site. Has anyone ever purchased one and where? Andy
  4. Grafik eye

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Is there anyone I can talk to that can explain the Grafik Eye to me. I am trying to control my theater by one universal remote. I don't even know where to begain. However, I do know what I am trying to do.
  5. lutron grafik eye, which one?

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    hey guy's, I'm looking into a grafik eye for my ht room. I will have 3 zones of lighting and would like one extra zone for future expansion. My question is which lutron system do i require? the GRX 3000 series or the QS series. From reading i think both will work for my needs, but was...
  6. Grafik eye

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Does anyone know where I can get the grafik eye in Australia? I found it from len-wallis but their supplier never got back to them with a price. Cheers, Simon
  7. Lighting, lighting control, Grafik Eye

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Anyone have questions about lighting, lighting control, or the Lutron Grafik Eye product line? I learned a few things doing my own work. :sn: