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  1. mitsubishi 82" dlp grainy dots video problem

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I was watching "the green zone" on bluray last night and noticed a lot of grainy tiny grey dots in the video particularly during dark scenes, I have noticed this before and cant quite narrow down the problem, seems to be a issue with "blacK" I tried a few adjustments which seems to help a...
  2. Continued grainy and shadowing on Mitsu WS-65909

    Follow-on thread for WS-65909 Manuf date 05/02. OK...I set sharpness way down below 50%, but now I see mild shadowing on a HDNet channel. Not same sharp picture I had before the convergence IC rip/replace. I used auto-reset for convergence, and then maually set red/blue. Still mild shadow and...
  3. Grainy screen/picture after IC Replacement

    Hi: THANK YOU for a great forum and very detailed instructions and pointers. Great instructions on what to do on my WS-65909 (Manufactured May 2002) convergence IC replacement. Wish I had simply re-soldered the original chip, rather than going gun-ho to buy new chip and doing a rip and...
  4. Grainy pic with sony playstation 3

    Blu-ray | DVD | Disc Media Players
    Anyone run into a disappointing image with the play station 3 with movies only Connected to: Yamaha rxv3800 rcvr and Philips new 42" lcd and 52" Tried connecting direct to display, different hdmi cable, checked all the settings on the ps3...same result Picture has a constant grain...brutal...