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  1. Cary Grant: The Vault Collection - DVD Review

    Official DVD and Blu-ray Reviews
    http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=70321 Title: Cary Grant: The Vault Collection Movie: :3.5stars: Video: :3stars: Audio: :3stars: Extras: HTS Overall Score:67 http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=70329Summary Cary Grant has been a...
  2. To DAC or Not to DAC? : Musical Paradise MP-D1 and Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 Review

    Two Channel Audio
    A friend kindly offered to loan me a Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11 (http://shop.grantfidelity.com/Grant-Fidelity-TubeDAC-11-D-A-Converter.html ) last week to play with and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to see what a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) could do for my system. I know...