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  1. My Subwoofer Graph. Will EQ help fix my sound?

    REW Forum
    Hello all, I have never been entirely happy with the sound of my system. It sounds good, but not as impressive as I "think/hope" it should sound. The system consists of a Yamaha RX-V2065 receiver, KEF iQ60C Centre, KEF iQ90 Fronts, Emotiva ERD-1 Surrounds, and a Paradigm DSP-3200 Sub. Much of my...
  2. First REW FR Graph. Help Please.

    REW Forum
    Just ran REW for the first time with my new Outlaw LFM- 1 EX. Thanks to everyone for all the helpful tutorials. I'm running the EX in Extension Mode and I have the sub crossed over at 80hz.So I guess the question is how bad is my room? Do I need a Feedback Destroyer or some other sort of...
  3. My first REW graph. Can you comment please?

    REW Forum
    Hi, today arrived my SPL Meter. Time to play! After all the connections done and reading the help files, trial and error, trial and error...i think i got it. I made some tests and found that there's a big difference with the room's door closed than opened. Doors opened. Doors closed...
  4. Center Channel Graph. Next?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am trying to make sure each individual speaker is looking as good as it can before combining all of them together. I took a measurement of my front, center speaker and this was the response. It looks like it drops off pretty dramatically on the higher end, but I don't know what to...
  5. my first graph.

    REW Forum
    not sure about my graph, but maybe someone can tell me if it looks ok, or my room has problems. This measurement is done for my home studio room. size is 12' x 9' x 6½' celing. using yamaha hs80m speakers, motu 828 audio interface, apex220 mic, no EQ. the max reading that I was getting...