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  1. EQ Filters: combination of parametric and graphic EQ filters?

    REW Forum
    I got an XTZ 99W12DSP subwoofer which has 5 parametric EQ filters and 10 graphic EQ filters. For REW, I pick the "Generic Equaliser" and setup 5 Auto PK filters and 10 Manual PK filters with the 10 static frequencies and the Q-value of 5.1. I then run the "match response to target" and then...
  2. Graphic Equalizer in my AVR-891

    REW Forum
    I know Audyssey does a pretty good job at setting Room EQ, but I'm sure REW could do even better. REW gives much more detailed correction filters meant for a parametric EQ, how do these values translate into a simplified graphic EQ? For example, Frequency 42.6, Gain -13.1, Q 6.99, how would...
  3. Parametric to Graphic?

    REW Forum
    hi guys, is there away for me to use REW to work with my 32 band graphic EQ and not use the parametric EQ settings? this eq is in my car it gives me 32 bands with -12/+12 db it does not have a Parametric i want to try this out before i buy the mini dsp for my car :)
  4. Graphic interface bugs

    REW Forum
    Hello! This is my first post here and I'm relatively new to this area of hi-fi. I have a MiniDSP, UMIK-1 and a computer which has REW. The problem is that the graphic interface goes haywire in REW. Here's some screenshots explaining what's happening: http://i.imgur.com/6eKQyoI.png...
  5. 3D Projector Graphic card question

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Hello Guys, So i bought a new epson tw6000 projector, I have a htpc, but problem is that the 3d ìsnt working wery well... I read at the internet that i need a 120 HZ graphic card to get this working, and i found this list at nvidia: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/3dtv-play-requirements-uk.html...
  6. DBX 231 Graphic Eq w/REW?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello HTS Members, :wave: I am asking for opinions and advice on wether or not it would be a good idea to put a DBX 231 graphic eq before my active sub woofer and active speakers to help tune my room with REW? If not; then what pro eq would you recomend for a full frequency spectrum tuning and...
  7. FS: Graphic Eq's F/S

    Classifieds - Equalization & Calibration Equipment
    I have 2 graphic EQ's for sale. One is the 2 channel Nady Geq-231 that is 6 months old and in perfect condition but no box. Also I have a 1 channel Nady Geq-131 brand new in the box. $65 for the 231 and $40 for the 131 or both for $100. Buyer pay's shipping. Paypal only. Here are the specs...
  8. Is there any graphic designer here?

    Chat Box SWAMP
    I am looking for a graphic designer to design something rather quick and dirty (not really) :) for me. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks,
  9. BFD or Graphic EQ?

    Two Channel Audio
    To make a long story short, I'll just say that I have a substantial hearing impairment which makes it necessary for me to wear my hearing aid when I listen to my two channel system. However, the mid frequencies are accentuated by my hearing aid. Sounds from the 1k to 4k range make listening...