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  1. Help decoding what Audyssey graphs say

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Can somebody tell me how to improve SQ?
  2. Help With Interpreting Graphs and Next Steps

    REW Forum
    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with what I should be thinking about next. I have 5 filters on my preamp that I can use per channel which I use mostly on the low end. I'm trying to have the low end 8-10 dbs higher than the frequncies after 100hz, but I can't really pull that off...
  3. WinISD - Check my Graphs?

    DIY Audio
    Just got finished doing a bunch of modeling in WinISD for the first time. 250L (8.8 cu ft) is the 'recommended' size (250L) - shown in 'red' on the graphs. 566L (20 cu ft) box - shown in 'blue' - is the size I think I'm going to build Modeled with: -Mach 5 Audio MJ-18M -'signal' is...
  4. All my graphs are now showing a 60 dB suckout at 9,590 Hz

    REW Forum
    This just started about a week ago and I can't figure out why. It doesn't matter which speaker or mic I'm using, or their relative placement. I use a Behringer Xenyx502 for a mic preamp and then go into my HP desktop line in. I don't send the mic input to the speakers so that's not an issue. Any...
  5. 2 Channel Speaker Graphs. Need help to improve

    REW Forum
    Hi, I have a 2 Channel Full range speakers and a room size 15 x 20 x 10(width, length, height) . Appreciate if you can give me suggestions to improve my room. My room is already treated for first reflecltion points and corners with bass traps. Applied 1/3 smpothing to the graph.
  6. cant get new charts to show unsmoothed graphs?

    REW Forum
    I have obviously selected something which now defaults new sweeps to 1/48 With these new charts I cant get them to show unsmoothed. I am unable to identify where I may have gone wrong Could you please advise what I may have selected (and where) to cause this? Also when corrected does it mean I...
  7. Using ETC Graphs

    REW Forum
    Hi! I've used REW to make some measurements of my small mixing room. It hasn't yet got any treatment. I am doing this as part of a project for university. I am now analysing my results by following this guide...
  8. REW - reading results

    REW Forum
    Hello, after many hardships and the multitude of questions raised in various forums I've just made the first measurements. Unfortunately, still I'm far from the first attempts to adapt, because it's found out that I totally can not interpret the results (graphs). I don't understand them...
  9. Help with interpreting REW graphs and general understanding of audio characteristics

    REW Forum
    Hi all, I'm new to all this, so please bear with me. (Have attached 2 x REW settings files for your reference.) I got a Mac with REW, Behringer ECM8000 and an Apogee One audio interface. I have done a measurement at my home studio and I did one for a restaurant where I recently did a sound...
  10. Help with my first graphs

    REW Forum
    Hi, I'm new at the forum. My listening room is 8m x 5 meters x 2,5m height. I have lots of absorbers and bass traps. I took my first measures using a umik and a laptop, please help me interpret the plots, the little I know tells me I need more bass traps or being more dense the ones I have...
  11. New user -- measurements work, but blank Graphs?

    REW Forum
    Hello, I just installed REW on a Quad Core i5 Mac Mini running OS 10.9.2. I used the download from the roomeqwizard homepage (v5.13 with Java 8 JRE). Everything is set up, calibrated, etc. Output and Input through my system worked immediately. The SPL meter and RTA both work great and...
  12. Johnnysub Graphs

    REW Forum
    I've included a jpg. of the average response from listening position and 1' all around (main LP and 1' left, right, front and back) as well as the .mdat file All measurements were taken with Audyssey multeq off and +0 db trim on subwoofer from receiver I was looking for some input if anybody...
  13. strange soundcard calibration graphs

    REW Forum
    I have my soundcard's output looped back into its input, and I ran a calibration. The results are very strange. Here's the 'SPL and Phase' graph: And here's part of the 'Scope' graph: Can anyone make any sense of this? It looks like the output and the left and right inputs are all running...
  14. Why would treating my room make the frequency response worse?? [graphs]

    REW Forum
    Hey, I recently came into a LOT of OC703, and so I used it to treat my room pretty completely. But the problem is that after comparing my before/after tests, it looks like the frequency response got worse! Though things like the RT60 and Decay look better. Why might this be? Here are the...
  15. First Graphs - Will a PEQ Help me here?

    REW Forum
    So I think I am getting a handle on taking measurements in REW and I thought I'd give it a shot in the real world. I set my living room 5.1 system up completely manually (tape measure for distances, SPL meter to set all levels at 85 dB, speakers set to Small with crossovers at 80 Hz, Subs (now...
  16. REW Graphs for my Subwoofer Placement

    REW Forum
    This is my first REW test, and I am testing it in my Living Room with 5.1 setup (no treatment at all) to at least understand the basics of REW measurements (hopefully) before my actual home theater is finished (expecting within a month), so i did couple of tests, and I want to see your opinions...
  17. First Room REW EQ. What am I looking at and how to read graphs.

    REW Forum
    Hello All. This is my first room EQ, what am I look at and what information from this waterfall can help me zero in on room treatments or adjustments. Thank you Another question I have is the SPL chart. What information as I looking to get from this chart? Is my goal to use the EQ to...
  18. Dirac vs Audyssey vs Nothing: What to make of these graphs?

    REW Forum
    Hi, so I'm very new to this. I have my PC going into a Denon X4000 AVR via optical toslink. I have two main speakers (B&W 602s3) and a sub (SVS SB-2000). I am using a Umik-1 with the calibration file as the mic. The results are in the overlay graph. Two things immediately spring to mind...
  19. BIG Differences in Sub Placement... I doubt I even need EQ now

    REW Forum
    It's amazing the differences a sub crawl can make. I recently built a sonosub, and it sounded 'off' where it was, I left it for awhile, assuming I was just nuts. Today I went 'nuts' and rearranged my entire home theater to find out the best place to stick the monster... Here's what I found...
  20. understanding the graphs

    REW Forum
    Hi guys i recently built a 18" subwoofer minimarty sub tuned for 15 hz , i have done some REW tests from the sub to the seating area. all the tests were done from the sub only. except for the last graphs where its fronts and sub. The sub is powered by inuke 3000dsp in bridged mode and set to...