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  1. Mitsubishi
    I have some curved upward horizontal convergence grids at the very bottom when in consumer advanced convergence. My convergence adjustments work correctly, the grid lines are white and it holds convergence great. The picture looks great in HD and 480i. The picture does not appear curved to my...
  2. Hitachi
    Hi, I had a tech come to my place a while back to fix the convergence on my Hitachi 53FDX, he did that via the service menu he accessed using a button on the lower left of my tv behind a panel he removed in the front. I cant complain about the color, the reds, greens and blues are all lined up...
  3. Toshiba
    I'm looking at the service manual, and the dimensions of the grid. Are they in mm? Also, What does the control ( vertical linearity ) VLIN do?
1-3 of 4 Results