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  1. GTG

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    I would be interested in thoughts on GTGs for: Subs Speakers DIY building techniques If there is anything else you may have done or been to, I would like to hear about that as well. Thanks
  2. Koko Audio Club GTG

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    My 2ch audio buddies and I are getting together tomorrow for an evening of entertainment and fine dining at The Jazz Kitchen in one of Indy's more popular cultural districts, Broad Ripple Village. The nationally known saxophonist, Kirk Whalum, will be dazzling us with his chops. It's been...
  3. Had a little GTG this weekend

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Had some guys over yesterday from all over central Texas for a day of music, movies, food and fun.
  4. Upper Midwest GTG Summer 2014

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    2nd Annual Summer GTG is nearly here! We have a great lineup of speakers and subwoofers planned. It should be a great time. Where: Luke's house, Burnsville MN When: Saturday July 26th 2014 all day List of subwoofers that will be present: 2x Gjallarhorn 2x Othorn Speakers: JTR 215RT...
  5. Chane Music and Cinema GTG on November 22 and 23

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Hi all - we will be having a GTG in Erie, Pa on Friday evening, November 22 and all day Saturday, November 23. For auditioning we will have: The new Theater-10's The new Vented 18 inch subwoofer Sealed 18 inch subs to show off a couple of different amps. Jon Lane's A5's, A1's and possibly...
  6. Armageddon- Subwoofer GTG Sat Aug 24th 2013 Burnsville MN

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hey guys, just a last second thread here to see if anyone else is interested in attending this subwoofer GTG. I didn't even think to post here, this has been months in the making at AVS. Hosted at Lukeamdman's house in Burnsville MN Here are the subs that will be there- JTR Orbit Shifter LFU...
  7. Central Iowa April 2013 GTG

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Hey all! I thought I would share some pictures and thoughts from a GTG I attended this weekend. First, I will post up some pictures and then follow that up with some thoughts on what was heard. So, pictures incoming!
  8. 2nd Annual B.A.S.S. GTG in CT April 13, 2013

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    2nd Annual Basspig Audiphile Society Social, Saturday April 13, 2013 at The Basspig's Lair in New Milford, CT Electronics laboratory demostrations related to audio & video and experience Basspig's incredible A/V system (see Basspig.com) Snacks and drinks provided, but please bring something...
  9. Planning / setting up a GTG

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Now that my theater room project is winding down (the construction part anyway), I wanted to start a thread to gather ideas and tips for holding a get together. At some point in the future, I would like to do something like this at my house, but I have little experience with what it would take...
  10. Houston GTG 11/10/12

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Dale's first GTG was a huge success. We had a bit of a technical problem early on, as is typical when you have people over. It was sorted out in short order and then we heard a lot of subs. Here are a few pictures The Ken Kreisel subs stacked
  11. SE Wisconsin Speaker GTG on April 14th

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    For those interested in all things speakers/2-channel audio, we will be hosting a speaker GTG in Manitowoc, WI on April 14th in which we'll be comparing a half dozen or so speakers from Popular ID and B&M manufacturers; though the main focus became ID. The list of speakers that will be present...
  12. Another subwoofer GTG, Southern Style

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    The Great Southern Sub Shootout Official Date Saturday April 18th, 2009 If you want to attend be sure to post in this forum thread and I'll send you a PM with location info. Drivers/ Subwoofers confirmed ED 190v2 18 in a large ported cab tuned to 15hz (Brandonnash) Shiva X 12 in a 6.5 cu...
  13. SE Wisconsin GTG & Speaker Shootout

    GTG, Clubs, Associations and Audio Fests
    Ok guys.... having a small GTG at my house... for a speaker shootout... Thought I would post here as well... I live about 20 miles north of Milwaukee, in Grafton. Tentative Date Feb 10th: Chime in if you would like to join, and what you can bring.... AVS Thread Equipment I have: System 1...