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  1. Neophyte needs Guru help with Subwoofer issues.

    REW Forum
    I've been searching the web for an external EQ for my onboard Realtek audio card. Recently it has become extremely bassy and so much that all I hear is a low rumble and can barely hear any music. I unplugged the subwoofer and now it's still in my satellite speakers. I tested them with another...
  2. HD Guru Top Picks CES 2013 Part 2

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  3. Is Best Buy Really Trying To End Showrooming? HD GURU Investigates

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
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  4. HD Guru Deconstructs Recent Sony Video Tutorial

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Here's another helpful article by Gary Merson at HDGuru.com that sets the record straight on the differences between LCD and plasma displays: http://hdguru.com/how-not-to-choose-the-right-hdtv/2553/ . He deconstructs a recent video tutorial put out by Sony on how to choose the right HDTV. Best...
  5. I need a little help from the guru's vast knowledge.

    REW Forum
    I've been using REW with my BFD (1124P) for many weeks now. I've learned a lot from this site and I have been very successful up until this point. My problem is that I got a new sub... Here's a quick pic of the new sub (it's the one in the middle): Before anyone asks: no, I don't have both...
  6. Where is the computer guru when you need him?

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I have a buddy who has a problem with his computer not remembering stuff. When he logs in to the site, it tells him he's not logged in. His computer does not remember that he's logged in, etc. It would seem to be a cookies issue, but I'm not sure. I know my mom-in-law had this same problem...