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  1. p50h401 horizontal black lines,top half only

    Hi Guys, Great site. thanks in advance. Per this site did diagnostics on this hitachi p50h401. I had the blue flashes. This blue seemed to be a 3 flash first then 4 flashes repeated then I could hear it shutdown. I replaced the 2 main power caps, mine were slightly buldged. I could clearly see...
  2. Half stereo, half surround. What gives?

    System Setup and Connection
    First, I want to say that I am happy to have found and now joined this group! I am certainly a novice and am looking forward to learning more! I hope I can begin by figuring out what is currently going on with my home system. Here goes... Components: Samsung 6300 LED 60 inch tv, Samsung 5.1...
  3. Half meter Power cable for Amp ?

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hi - i am looking for a good flexible power cable for two amps - but they are very close to the power conditioner where i will plug them in and cant seem to find a 1.5 foot cable ? the ones i am using now are OEM - from EMO for the XPA 5 which is nice but too LONG for me - and a PS Audio...
  4. Anyone use Pioneer speakers with a half heigh 50W Marantz receiver?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I'm wondering if anyone out there has paired up the very well reviewed Pioneer speakers (SP-BS21-LR, SP-BS22-LR, SP-FS51, or SP-FS52) with a half height Marantz 50W receiver (NR1403, NR1404, NR1504, NR1603, NR1604, etc.). If you have this combination, do you find that your receiver is able to...
  5. Amazon Gold Box Denon AVR3312CI Half Price

    Great Deals and Specials
    Incredible closeout deal on the Denon AVR3312CI at Amazon. Go to the Gold Box area and you will see it. Better hurry! Won't last long. Just bought one myself. No mention of it being refurb.
  6. Hitachi P50s601 Half screen (left to right) blank

    Hey guys, I've been reading these posts to see if I can get a handle on my problem here. I picked tv up used a few months ago for my father to replace his old set. After a few weeks he heard a loud snapping sound and the TV wouldn't come on but would blink the blue light seven times. So I...
  7. Toshiba 50H72 half screen is black

    Hi I need a little help for Toshiba 50H72. Only half screen is working and the other half is off. The TV had this problem for a while and sometimes the picture would come back and work normally and just today only half the screen is working with no change. Since the TV is not at my house and...
  8. Cineplex odeon cuts Tuesday ticket prices in half

    Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    Beginning September 15th Due to great ticket sales this year Cineplex Odeon will again be offering Tuesday half price movies on all first run movies in Canada and the US. Cineplex is the largest theater chain in Canada operating more than 130 across Canada and even more in the US. I dont know...
  9. 43fdx20b half screen convergence

    I inherited this box from my neighbors last night. Saved it from hitting the dumpster.:T I haven't opened it up yet... plan on that tonight. But I can describe problem from demo they showed me. If you divide the screen w/ vertical line down middle, the right half of screen is OK. The left...
  10. Half dome volume?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    How do you calculate the internal volume of a half dome? Any math geniuses out there?
  11. need some advice on a system and a half

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    here's the deal... i'm putting together a home theater in our basement, and putting a lcd tv and htib in our family room. my budget is $10k. heres what i have so far, which is a little over what i want to spend. :help: 1. Marantz sr8002 $2000 (receiver) 2. B&W 5.1 speakers $4000 683...