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  1. Will a class D audio SDS-470C Custom handle Infinity 9 Kappa

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have the opportunity to buy a pair of these speakers, I want them particularly for their bass performance. I currently own some paradigm 11se mk2 and a SDS-470C amp. Is my amp going to be sufficient as i have read that the kappa's are infamous for their low impedance. Do you think this would...
  2. How do you handle the surrounds with 2 seating rows?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a longish room; planning a 106" diagonal 16:9 acoustically transparent screen. Fronts and sub will be behind it. First row will be about 12 feet from the screen and the second row 19 feet from the screen. The back wall of the room is 21 feet from the screen. I plan on mounting 2...
  3. Wsb55 - Too Many Issues to Handle

    Hello. I have had a Mits Wsb55 since 2004. It saw no use from 2005-2010, when in January I took it from storage and began to use it as our family tv. It worked fine until last week when it suddenly stopped powering up. After perusing the various threads, I've come to the conclusion that my...
  4. sitting close to back wall, how do I handle the known problems?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Well my room design is one that breaks most of the logical rules of building a HT room. Here is the problem room..... - The room is 25x13 - Im designing it going 25 wide and 13 long - screen on the side wall, subs, speakers, AV equipment built into the side wall. - Im sitting 11 feet from...
  5. Can my receiver handle the Dayton IIIs

    DIY Speakers
    I possess the Pioneer VSX-1017TXV receiver. I'm building a pair of Dayton III speakers for my mains and I'm starting to worry about my receiver driving those 4 ohm speakers. I have a 6 channel setup no sub. The receiver can be switched to handle 6 ohm and 8 ohm speakers and I've read that it...
  6. Can my 2 Fi 18 drivers handle it?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    My amp's dial knob is at 28db of max 32db. Then my Yamaha master volume is at -12.5 db. At this level, I see the clip led turn on. Can my Fi 18" IB driver handle the LFE if I put my Yamaha master volume to -5db? or 0db? My Yamaha's max master volume setting is +16. I remember, the 0 db is my...