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  1. Hanging Flexible Noise Barrier/Sound Barrier Wall/Sound Proofing Wall

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    AcousticBarrierFactory is a private fence barrier company which specializes in producing various acoustic barrier products which could be used for outdoor and indoor noise reduction. We also could offer various designs for eva slipper outsoles. The factory takes up an area of 5,000 square...
  2. Wall hanging height

    System Setup and Connection
    I just got a samsung 55" led and am going to mount it on the wall and the couch is 15' away, are there any recommendation for the height I should hang the tv on the wall ?
  3. Help with hanging heavy surround speakers

    System Setup and Connection
    I am trying to mount my four surround sound speakers onto 1/2 inch sheetrock. The speakers are Boston acoustic micro100x. The dimensions are HxWxD, 10.25x6.25x8 in. and weigh 11 -12 lbs each. The speakers are supplied with a U-shaped bracket. The speakers attach to the bracket which in turn...
  4. Hanging Theatrical Banners???

    AV Home Theater
    Hello all, I have a large Theatrical Banner from "Texas Chainsaw". I'm not a big slasher-flick fan but the graphics are nice. The banner came with 2 dowels; one plain dowel at the bottom and another dowel on the top that has rubber tips with tiny holes in them and string wrapped around a small...
  5. Hanging sheetrock for painted screenwall

    DIY Screens
    Hi all...read what I can on this and really have only one remain concern before committing: How level does it really need to be? (If it matters, I am looking at a 100+" diagonal screen in a 21x14 room.) The drywall I am hanging is 5/8ths (the heavy-duty stuff) and I've got a very good finisher...
  6. Hanging Klipsch RB-81s from Ceiling

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am considering adding Klipsch RB-81s to complete my 11.2 Audyssey DSX setup - for the front height channels. Does anyone know a good way of hanging them from the ceiling? They are 27 lbs. Some type of wall mount that would work in a corner would be OK. Or somthing to anchor to the joists...
  7. Wilsonart Designer White or White Matte screen material ?

    DIY Screens
    I'm trying to decide which way to go. If I go with the screen material, I would buy the pulldown screen, cut the material off and use my wood frame. I just don't know if the screen material is pliable enough to get a tight fit on the frame with staples. 1) Designer White laminate screen 2)...
  8. REW Hanging

    REW Forum
    Just installed REW on the studio PC at GIK Acoustics so we can do some product testing, explaining of effects using graphs, etc. It seems to hang periodically on startup. If I kill it manually by killing the process and then reboot, it will start OK most of the time. If I close it...
  9. Wrapping sheet-rock with canvas and then hanging it??!

    Home Audio Acoustics
    So I just visited a local custom Audio/Video shop here in the same town where I work - I was alittle let down by what I saw in the manner of employee knowledge and willingness to allow me to properly audition the speakers they did have (PSB & Atlantic Technologies were the two names of...
  10. Hanging 42" Panasonic Plasma On Wall

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I have a question about hanging my tv on the wall. My newly finished basement is almost done. I got a great deal on a 1080P Panasonic 42" on black friday. I have yet to buy a wall mount. I am almost certainly going to buy it from monoprice.com (any other suggestions?). Here is my...
  11. Hanging a wooden frame straight onto a drywall?

    DIY Screens
    What would be the best way to hang a wooden frame onto a DIY painted drywall? :scratchhead: I've already bought 3+m of black velvet (possibly not the best as it is a little bit strachable but it should do). As for frame I'm thinking about using 3" - 4" poplar or maybe mdf. (wrapped in black...
  12. Noob hanging in Germany

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all. Names Rod, and I've been living in Germany now for eight years. I am currently a recovering AudioPhile of sorts, but not nearly in the same league of most of you, mostly a window shopper. I say 'recovering' because the spousal-unit (one each) is trying to cure me! I'm here to find...
  13. Program keeps hanging

    REW Forum
    When I go to calibrate the external sound card (a no-name brand), I click "measure" then go thru the steps. When I get to the step where I try to set the output level equal to the input volume, I can play with it for a minute, but then the program just hangs there. Now, I tried this on two...
  14. Ilkka, don't leave us hanging!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    It's been ten days already, what did you find out in your Velodyne SMS-1, Behringer FBQ2496 tests? You're killing me here. "To be continued..." :explode: :neener:
  15. Panel hanging?????

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have four panels that I am going to hang across the ceiling wall corners My plan was to attach 'D' ring hangers at the corners, attach heavy duty hanger wire across the 2' width and secure the panels to an Eye bolt anchored in the wall with bungee cords It failed miserably! I, now have to...