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    Just a quick question, is the Toshiba HD AX2 the only Toshiba made HD DVD player that uses the Reon chip?
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    I currently have a hd-a1 and would like a second hd-dvd player. I read a lot of reviews on the hd-xa2 and it looks seems to stand out. I found one for 399.00 at best buy. I don't know if i should go with the HD-a35 for the same price or just wait for the next thing. For the price i think i may...
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    Hi All, I just got my XA2 and I was setting up the analog 5.1 so I can benefit from Dolby TrueHD. I was setting up the speakers in the player and I have a question on the speaker calibration. The only option for levels is 0 to -12dB. The sub level is about 4-6dB lower than the...
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  5. Great Deals and Specials
    Toshiba HD-XA2 Player ... Excellent price at the Shack Electronics Store... $599 with free Super Saver Shipping... :T
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    I did not use the test tone. Instead I use Avia. You can also use the THX Optimizer tones available on many Disney or New Line DVDs. Set the AVR to the direct 5.1 analog input (Multi Channel Input), use the tones from the DVD with a SPL meter. First thing is to increase the gain on the subwoofer...
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    It has been used over the net to update players. From the Toshiba website: http://www.tacp.com/tacpassets-images/notices/hddvd2firmware.asp
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    Well I have an XA2 on the way from VE tonight. FedEx picked it up from VE at 5:34 pm EST -- might get here by Friday. :) Now I'll have standalone players upstairs and downstairs. Will be getting a couple of RCA Y adapters to feed my Yamaha RX-V2500 AVR's 7.1 Multi-Channel analog inputs. But...
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    http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20060903/ifa05.htm Loading processing time appears to be down significanly (will have two processors)! Should have HDMI 1.3 (at this point mostly important for marketing)! Has the cability to process the newer audio formats! Outputs 1080P/24! Very...
1-9 of 10 Results