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  1. Where did you buy your JVC? Headed to the Dark Side.

    Home Theater Projectors
    It's been five years, technology has moved on. When last I bought a projector, the landscape was different. I figured, I'll just call up AVS and order a 4910. But though they ship from the east coast, they charge tax in CA, so there is a three hundred dollar premium for buying from them...
  2. The Elder Scrolls Anthology headed to PC in September

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    The Elder Scrolls Anthology headed to PC in September The Elder Scrolls Anthology collects all five of Bethesda’s massive RPG together for the very first time, and it’s coming very soon. The bundle comes to retail in a premium PC collection on September 10, for $80...
  3. SVS Ultra Review Headed to HTS

    Home Audio Speakers
    That's right gang! Lookat what was waiting on me this afternoon! One more before I really start taking things apart in the Temple of Boom!
  4. Argghhhh neodynium prices headed up higher.

    DIY Speakers
    Looks like neodymium based drivers might as well be made out of unobtanium. Prices are going up ANOTHER 40% on July 1: http://www.cepro.com/article/why_loudspeaker_prices_will_skyrocket/
  5. Warner has six Blu-ray 3D discs headed to retail November 16, Sony brings along Open Season

    We're not sure if they were just waiting for the PlayStation 3's Blu-ray 3D update to be officially announced, but Warner Bros. has finally responded to our pleas and mentioned a few Blu-ray 3D discs that are headed for retail without any exclusive bundling holding them back. Home Media Magazine...
  6. Series finale of Lost is headed overseas faster than usual

    Good news for anyone watching Lost outside the US who doesn't already chase down new episodes on torrents, newsgroups, Rapidshare or wherever else, for the final episode several countries will see it aired at the same time as the West Coast broadcast here, while a total of 59 countries will...
  7. TiVo's $200m settlement against Dish is headed back to the appeals court, future

    Remember that $200 million contempt of court judgment TiVo won in September, and had affirmed in March against Dish & Echostar? We wouldn't blame you if you didn't, as the various steps in this never ending legal saga have become increasingly difficult to separate, but as we predicted, it's been...