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  1. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    The world of high-end audio is chock full of ridiculously expensive gear. While some of it’s only marginally better than significantly less expensive options, there is a segment that lives up to the hype and delivers performance that’s a jealousy-inducing revelation. For example, take...
  2. Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    Benchmark DAC 1 HDR By: Dr. Ken Taraska While analog reproduction of audio is all the rage these days, most, if not all of us have our music in some digital form. Be it on a hard drive, iPod, Compact Disc or server, we all need high quality digital to analog conversion to extract the most from...
  3. Unofficial Equipment Reviews (Non HTS Reviewers)
    http://hometheaterreview.com/images/Decware_preamp.gifDecware CSP2 Zen Triode Preamplifier Quick Review By Andrew Robinson There are those brands in high end audio that are seemingly fused with our collective psyches and then there are those a bit on the fringe, out there in the wild, wild...
1-3 of 3 Results