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  1. Has Anyone Heard the Axiom LFR180 Center Channel

    Home Audio Speakers
    I haven't been able to find a review and I was wondering since I have the M100s
  2. Have You Heard "Feedback" During FR Measurements

    REW Forum
    I was making some FR measurements with a loopback timing reference and heard something strange: a second test tone started as the full 15Hz to 25kHzsweep reached about 1-2kHz. This second sweep began at around 500Hz but was time-delayed relative to the first sweep. Both sweeps played from...
  3. I.S.C.T. - 'Hearing Music The Way The Artist(s) Intended It To Be Heard'

    DIY Speakers
    Hi there, I wanted to contribute with some of my own DIY handy work once I found this forum section and its invitation to do just that! Well, I’m sure that my design ideas will not please everybody and most likely raise eyebrows as well, but never the less I like very much to think out of the...
  4. An Introduction & 'Hearing Music The Way The Artist(s) Intended It To Be Heard'

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings from New Zealand I’m a self proclaimed audiophile for most of my life now; first way back in Germany were I come from, and later here in NZ were I Immigrated too. I thing my love to music came from a time around the early 70th when life concerts were the norm and the fact that I...
  5. anyone heard a REL 212SE subwoofer

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    I was wandering if anyone has heard the REL 212se? and would like to hear your impressions....thanks
  6. Anyone heard or used taotaole projectors?

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hey all, looking for a cheap solution for a family/neighborhood outdoor movie nights. not looking for anything too fancy and hoping to stay under $150 or so. Found taotaole 800 projector on amazon for relatively cheap solution w/ somewhat decent features. Looked at craigslist and other...
  7. Have you ever heard this?

    System Setup and Connection
    Evening gentlemen. Hope you guys had a good wknd. Looking into buying a damaged sub since the cost is so much cheaper for parts on I design I want to implement. This Klipsch is making a noise at the amp I've never heard from audio. Hard to say without looking, but my first hunch was a...
  8. Can't get sound generators to be heard

    REW Forum
    Hi all. I previously had everything set up beautifully on my old laptop. I use REW to measure live sound for band concerts. Has been working very nicely. About a week ago my laptop completely imploded. So I went out and bought a new laptop (Dell E6530). I installed REW, installed ASIO4ALL...
  9. Has anyone heard the CSS Triton and the Statements?

    Creative Sound Solutions
    I would like to build a new centre channel for the theater downstairs, as the current one is woefully old and poor. I have Boston Acoustics VR-3's which are quite old and I cannot find a matching centre for them. So I've decided to build one and I've kind of settled on one of these two kits...
  10. Anyone heard the Behringer PP400 phono preamp?

    CD Players | Turntables
    I noticed that the Behringer PP400 phono preamp is available for $20. My experience with their stuff has been pretty positive, especially considering the low price. Has anybody here used one? How does it sound?
  11. Anyone heard of these in-wall speakers... or have a suggestion?

    Home Audio Speakers
    A friend of mine is in the process of looking for in wall speakers... He's been given two ideas for brands to look at: Speaker Craft and Proficient I'm just not that familiar with these brands or other in-wall brands... Outside of suggesting traditional speakers... does anyone have any...
  12. Has anyone heard of the brand Premier Acoustics

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Wondering how good these subs are. Below are the specs Powered Subwoofers are designed to bring out the low end bass response found in DVD movies or music. Huge explosions, dinosaurs walking or just bass guitar and drums, the PA-150 SUB is designed to reproduce these sounds perfectly. The...
  13. anybody heard of this company?

    Subwoofer Amps | High Pass Filters
    http://www.speakerpower.net/ <----- plate amplifiers
  14. In ceiling speakers, Descant RSP-825CH Have you heard of them???

    Home Audio Speakers
    I found these speakers on Madisound for what sounds like a great deal. I need rear surround speakers and these look like they would work great. For this price maybe I'll run 7.1. Here's a link. https://www.madisound.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=45_247_288&products_id=8953 Ive never heard of...
  15. Titanium Power Anyone heard of these subwoofers?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am getting 2 Subs from a good freind of mine and I was wondering if anyone has heard or used these subs. There seems to me little info on the Web on them. I will be getting 2 Titanium Power SD1255 I plan to use them for the HT system:hsd: The specs are below. FS-38HZ QMS-6.8 VAS-0.906 cu...
  16. Onkyo707 - Heard a loud POP, followed by a white spark

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Hello all, I'm a little worried here. I woke up. Turned on my receiver then as I walking to turn on the lights, I heard a "POP", then I saw a large white flash of light in the middle of the room. Then I heard little pop pop pop spark noises from the receiver. I don't know why I saw the spark in...
  17. Anyone heard the DE12 or DE250 with QSC waveguide combination?

    DIY Speakers
    I think I have narrowed my driver search down to two finalists and one waveguide.:scratch: The DE12 or DE250 with the QSC waveguide. Does anyone have any feedback on these or on the measurements below? Here is a link to their measurements. Matt
  18. Anyone who has heard brass quintet music

    CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Most people in the general population don't listen to a lot of chamber music. However, a lot of people have heard of the Canadian Brass. Fred Mills was one of the founding members of that group and as such was very influential in introducing a wider audience to the genre of brass quintet...
  19. Has anyone heard the A.O.S. Studio 100 TL?

    DIY Speakers
    I built a kit for this German company witch is based on an ATC 10" woofer and Scan Speak mid, tweeter. If you looking in wonderment I can testify they are absolutely wonderful! See the website and click on the English tab. Thanks for looking!