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  1. corner Helmholtz resonator

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi all, I’m thinking to a room treatment in a new chamber where I will soon move my two channel audio system. I would like to build an absorber for low frequency in a corner, just to hear (and measure) the difference before and after, and evaluate if continue on this way. I’m looking at...
  2. Room bass response

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi All, I think, that the-powers-that-be seem to agree that the bass response of a room is determined by the room modes. Literature tells me for a room sized 18.90ft *12.72ft * 8ft the first fours modes are at 29.8Hz (1,0,0) , 44.4Hz(0,1,0), 53.5Hz(1,1,0) and 59.7Hz(2,0,0) and then goes and...
  3. Helmholtz resonator - Group Delay

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    After reading way to many white pages and making a lot of sawdust over many years, I think I am wrapping my head around this. Am I right in thinking that the Group Delay is a direct result of adding a Helmholtz resonator? Thus if one was to take Martin Kings transmission line electronic circuit...
  4. Sound Wall Theory - Poke Holes In This?

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    After constructive criticism of my sand bagged theater plans, I am considering other alternatives and hope to receive helpful comments/insights. Conventional theory proposes a two leaf double wall construction approach comprising a high mass soundroom wall having two layers of resilient damping...
  5. Are helmholtz resonators and diffusers all we need?

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I see that some claim that to avoid the room becoming too dead and boxed in, it's better to use diffusers for midrange and treble and then helmholtz' for the bass. Is this a better way to treat the room rather then using broadband bass traps? It's said by those who support this that often it's...
  6. helmholtz resonator and questions about frequencies

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi, I have a "spike" of 38 hz in a room of 11X13X8 feet which has broadband absorption. I have 6 plastic containers of 20 litres each, these containers were once used for antifreeze storage. By using 1/2" MDF and making round tops for the plastic containers, I can then drill holes to...
  7. Adjustable Helmholtz Resonator

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have a bunch of Sonotube left over from a sub project and I got an idea (but don't know if it would work). My thought is this - use it to build a helmholtz resonator to fix bass peaks in a room. It is my understanding that helmholtz resonators work at fairly specific frequencies and if I...