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  1. University Formula SAE needs your help!

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Hey guys, I am from the formula SAE team at University of California, Merced. SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers and we are participating in the Formula competition where we design/build/test/race/present our car against other schools the automotive industry representatives. Schools...
  2. Nearfield surround sound - help!

    Home Theater Design and Construction
    Because of space constraints in my apartment it makes the most since to have my projector set up in the unusually large entrance/lobby. The front door is on the top of an L, and the bottom right of the L is the corridor leading to the other rooms. The entrance area is about 2.5 m x 3 m, with the...
  3. In-wall enclosure help!

    DIY Speakers
    :help:I have always been an A/V enthusiast, however I'm new to the DIY world of it. I am currently finishing the basement of our new home and I am including a home theater room but I have some obstacles I need to build around. I am doing a 7.2 system and the 2 side surround speakers I have are...
  4. Help! My DSP stopped getting a signal from receiver

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    So while I was working on EQ filters, I put in a 4th filter on my DSP (no other changes), and suddenly my receiver has stopped sending any signals to the subwoofer. When I adjust trim levels, it does send a signal, and the DSP shows a signal going through, but for all other audio sources I've...
  5. Hitachi L55S604 55" LCD lag problem. Help!

    I don't know exactly what to call it or what is causing it, but there is a short time delay between any command that goes in to my LCD and the response on the screen. This makes it impossible to play any type of game and extremely frustrating to use my HTPC and cordless mouse with it. It is...
  6. Need ideas/ help!

    DIY Speakers
    Sup speaker heads. Im new to this website and i wanna build a new speaker tower around 5-6 foot for my family room. What brand of speakers should i go with? And what type od tweeter should i use? Im gonna be using 2 12" subs for bass.
  7. Need a good fullrange 5-6.5 inch 2 or 8 ohm speaker..Please Help!

    DIY Speakers
    Hey guys, I am newer to designing loudspeakers and have a certain Idea for a large 2 way speaker. I am looking at running 8 full range drivers for my mid & Highs, and 4 10" inch subs on the lower half of each speaker. This will all be one large speaker, and I will be building a like one for the...
  8. Onkyo problem please help!

    General Service and Technical Information
    Ive had my onkyo 606 for about yr or two and never had a problem but on Sunday while watching the game it shut off? The cable box and tv were still on though? I turned it Back on an it said no signal I unplugged it and it worked. But if I turned it pass 50 on the volume or using for about 2 hrs...
  9. Be A Hero! Newbie Seeks MX-980 Help!

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    Hello all! Just joined and am very impressed by this board. Last summer my loving wife surprised me by having some AV guys come in and set up my home theater with an MX-980 remote. This was supposed to be a gift for me, but I'm your ultimate DIY-er. Apparently I kept that a secret during 23...
  10. New to home audio.... But Hi everyone!!

    New Member Introductions
    Well Here we go... I have built numerous car enclosures for subwoofers. Have installed tons of audio in a car period. But I am now starting to dive into home audio. I want to start by making a small desk 3 way speaker box thats stylish, mid level for power and pretty cheap as this is my first...
  11. jvc no audio help!

    temail8887,did you ever find no audio problem with your jvc set?george
  12. Help! Full Frequency Sweep with ECM8000

    REW Forum
    hi i've just moved my studio into a new room, it's untreated so far but i have set up my speakers and run a few sweeps to see how things are looking. to be honest i'm not 100% sure what i'm doing but i tried to follow the guides as best i could! my system for recording these: behringer...
  13. Help! Confuse with the connection wire!

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I am new to this EQ thing and has been reading the thread for these few days. Eagerly wanted to start something as I am not really satisfy with my subwofer performance. My current setup are:- Onkyo AVR906 Emotiva XP5 SVS Sub PB12Plus SVS AS-EQ1 Old B&W Matrix 802 RS SPL meter I have just...
  14. need your advice, in other words HELP!

    I am new to your site, but am blown away with how much talent i see with your advice to others, I (hope to download pic) would love to hear your words of wisdom about this 61SDX01B ultravision (Hitachi) I have read lots of stuff about the convergance issues however I (not knowing much) dont...
  15. Help! Simple SoundCard Calibration Question

    REW Forum
    All, So, I have lineand out connected to line in on my soundcard. I have no other calibrations loaded. I run the calibration test for the soundcard and I obtain a nice curve as expected. Then i save the aclibartion and attempt to verfiy as teh instructions state. I receive the following...
  16. Need airspeed help!

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I'm trying to model a CSS TRIO12 (w/o PR) and 500W amp in 4.2cu/ft (37.5x16x16" lined) and am having airspeed trouble. Tuned to 22Hz with 20Hz HPF. I've read that 25m/s is the highest acceptable. I plan on front firing the sub and mounting the amp on the back. I don't have a preference of port...
  17. 1st REW, help!

    REW Forum
    Just got my first set of readings, BFD is in the post, read as much as I can but still have a few questions re my graphs. Of the three attached sub positions in the room which one would you go for, I am looking at the highest output at low frequencies I can get and also it will integrate with...
  18. Help! Center speaker not working..

    Home Audio Speakers
    I have a full Sony Sava 500 Speaker set up with a Creative receiver. My issue is the center speaker will not produce any sound. So basically all talking in movies and most games does not work. all other speakers work fine including sub woofers. the speaker itself is fine because i tried plugging...
  19. Totally new to REW and need help!

    REW Forum
    Hello, I am totally new to REW and have not even downloaded the program to my new laptop (HP Windows 7). I have a few very basic questions and any help would be much appreciated. I also have to point out I am not the swiftest with a computer as well:o. My system consists of Ascend Sierra-1 LCR...
  20. Help! I don't understand.

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Recently I purchased a set of Polk LSi9 speakers, a set of Polk LSiFX surround speakers, and a Polk LSiC center speaker. I have a Pioneer VSX-82TXS Elite audio/video receiver. All of these speakers have a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. The operating instructions of the receiver indicate that I can...