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  1. Panasonic / Technics
    Wondering if anyone knows what the 4-blink code is on a Panasonic Hi-Def Plasma Display model: TH-42PF20U? Upon turning on power after plugging in, green light comes on briefly with 1 or 2 seconds of fan activity, clicks, goes into the 4-blink cycle. Thanks!
  2. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I am curious to know whether a 1080p resolution on a LCD/Plasma/DLP display is comparable to a 1080p image from a 1080p projector, all things being equal. And if not, what is/are the differences?
  3. System Setup and Connection
    Hey guys... I bought a new receiver with high def codecs but I can't get them to work. I have a panasonic blu ray model # is bdp-55k, and an Onkyo 805 receiver. They are hooked up using HDMI only. I got the good picture for blu-rays, and I have sound... but not the good sound. Its giving me...
  4. HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    I have a Mitsubishi HD 1080 Series television.. Model Number - WS-65807 It says its a HD tv but when I plug in my Xbox 360 in the ports in the back w/the Hi-Def Xbox cables... no picture comes up. Do I need to buy a seperate piece of equipment to run HD or am I just S.O.L? ~ Bake
  5. Movies | TV Shows | Hollywood
    So, what are your favorites and why? For me, King Kong and The Hulk on HD-DVD are eye candy to the n'th degree and entertaining as well, but ever since I got my first title on HD-DVD, which was Serenity, I don't think I've seen anything better for an all around great hi-def transfer plus a...
1-5 of 6 Results