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  1. Home Theater Projectors
    I just picked up a panasonic ax100u and hooked it up to my dish network VIP 222 with a HDMI cord and it workes perfect! When I change the output of the receiver to anything higher than 480i or p the projector stars flashing on and off? 720p and 1080I causes it to flash! any ideas!
  2. Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I was wondering if it is ok to apply a gain of 6db at 3 frequencies. I will be able to get a much flatter response if I apply higher gain like 5-6 db so that when I apply the cuts, the suck outs dont go further down. I generally dont play very loud. With my volume setting I only measured some...
  3. SVSound
    Hi all, I was wondering what would happen if a frequency higher than 200Hz was fed into an SVS sub via the RCA input? When hooking up the analogs from an HD-DVD player to my amp, I accidentally reversed the center and sub cables. As a result, the center channel information was sent to the sub...
  4. REW Forum
    I tried playing a sine wave manually at higher than 12500hz on my USB creative audigy 2 NX but get no sound out from the speaker. Notice that the REW output level turns to silver in colour. Can your sound card with REW plays higher than 12.5mhz?
21-24 of 25 Results