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  1. Hitachi 43fdx01b dim picture

    I recently received a Hitachi 43fdx01b which works fairly well but has a dim picture. I have attempted to adjust the settings to brighten it, but it still does not seen right. I can probably take it to a repair shop, but as I try to do some things myself thought I would start here. I...
  2. hitachi 43uwx10b Convergence Question

    I recently got a hitachi 43uwx10b that was was out of convergence. i tried adjusting it and all adjusted well until i tried to adjust the blue. it will not adjust, vertically nor horizontally, i pulled it apart and can see that some resistors looked are discolored and one of the chips had...
  3. hitachi 53udx10b convergence issue?

    Does this picture look to be a common convergence issue? The sag in top half of screen is not always blue, it can be red or green also. The lower half of the screen still looks pretty good. When the crosshairs come up during convergence the green line doesnt reach to the top of the screen like...
  4. Hitachi hdtv problems

    Hi all, I have a Hitachi rear projection HDTV Model 65t500 about four years old. A couple of weeks ago while watching it the magic focus started to try reset the convergence. I had to manually stop it and then reset it manually to get it back. The next day it did the same thing again. After I...
  5. Hitachi model #43fdxo1b convergence problem Need Help!!!

    I recently bought a 42" Hitachi Ultrascan HD Rear Projection TV model number #43fdx01b, the TV has a red convergence problem and am looking at doing it myself, but I need to now what parts I need and where are some good places to get them from and exactly what I need to do to fix the problem. So...
  6. Hitachi 61SWX10B - Sound problem

    I have no sound/audio from the TV - tried all different sources and inputs but no go. :gah: After the TV has been on for a little bit of time I start to get static on the TV speakers that I can do nothing about (Vol control does not work). So question is has anyone else faced the same problem...
  7. hitachi 1200 problem

    Home Theater Projectors
    We have a Hitachi 1200 projector. It's run maybe 60 hrs. Was doing fine until a couple weeks back. We have the unit hanging from an overhead mount, in free space. All of a sudden, the temp control is shutting us down because of hot bulb. The bulb isn't really the problem. Do bulb...
  8. Hitachi 61SWX10B - Convergence Problem

    First of all – my complements on this forum - it is very detailed and informative :hail:. There are some wonderful write-ups that I have been catching up on. Based on the advise to start a new thread for a new issue here we go - I have a Hitachi 61SWX10B and recently started having convergence...
  9. hitachi 50ux11k no picture

    hitachi 50ux11k has sound, but no picture. i can see the menu, vol/ch levels, and input labels on the screen but just black underneath. the convergence is done and i see the text with ghosts, but would i get that at all if it was *only* the convergence amps? another forum somebody suggested...
  10. Hitachi 43fdx01b no picture after convergence repair

    Hi, I could use some help if you will. I'm very frustrated at the cost of new tv's so I thought I would repair the convergence by purchasing the kit. The vertical blue was bowed to the right and unadjustable. I ordered the repair from Vance Baldwin, replaced the parts last night and now the...
  11. Hitachi Ultrascan HD Convergence Problem

    I found the adjust convergence button on the front of the TV, and am able to move the red line in to cover the green. The blue button is set off about "an inch" and will not move inward. The blue horizontal will move. Is this something that can be accomplished by someone who can tear apart and...
  12. Hitachi

    Manufacturers & Vendors Reference Info Forum
    Hitachi America Ltd., Home Electronics Division www.hitachi.us P.O. Box 3900 Peoria, IL 61612 [email protected] Hitachi consumer information is largely accessed though the web site above. Hitachi has an extensive network of authorized service centers. They provide free tech...
  13. Hitachi PJTX100

    Home Theater Projectors
    Anybody got any experience w/ this one? Seems to be, by far, the least expensive 720p out there w/ lens shift.
  14. How to adjust Hitachi 50V500 Display?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Sometimes the color is "off". Once we had Circuit City come and "adjust" the set to fix color problem. The technician just entered codes in the unit to do so. I would like to know the codes so I can fix myself and not pay the repairman. Is this possible? How can I get the codes?:help:
  15. Hitachi

    Support is among the best in the CE industry. Offer parts through many distributors. Generally have good stock of most parts at the component level. Service manuals, tips, bulletins and training information is available for FREE to qualified shops. Easy sign up for shops for web access to above...