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  1. Upgrading from HK AVR-635...Onkyo TX SR705 or is it a downgrade? Others?

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    Hello! I cannot complain about my HK AVR-635..it has been a powerhouse for like 8 years at least, but I have been considering a newer receiver to use the built in calibration options. My fears are how powerful something like the TX SR 705 is going to be compared to my Harman Kardon. I mean REAL...
  2. AVR 8000 Died last night

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    I woke up on the couch in the early morning and smelled burnt electrical. I went around the room and tried to locate its source to no avail. When I turned on my Hardon Kardon AVR 8000 today it just flashes the display then turns itself back off, then I smell that burnt electrical odor again...
  3. I need help/opinions if i should buy HK AVR2600

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    Hi everyone, i need some help on making a decision if i should buy this receiver. It's a Harmon Kardon AVR2600. The Lowest i could negotiate was down to $80 Currently i Have a Yamaha RX-V 750, i really like it , it sounds great to me, but i was thinking maybe i should get a receiver with HDMI...
  4. Hello, this is Alan from HK

    New Member Introductions
    I am looking forward to learn about speaker calibration software like REW and to learn about designing crossover for speakers. :wave:
  5. HK 3490 Sub. Outs

    Two Channel Audio
    I was wondering what the crossover setting is on this amp? What hz. goes to the speakers and what hz. goes to subs ? Is it determined by my sub crossover setting. Which I have set at 80hz. Amp is a 2 channel, 2 subout out configuration. Harmon Kardon 3490. Thanks.:hsd:
  6. Hk 3490 dac.

    Audio Processing
    I am using a Harman Kardon 3490 amp with built in AKM PCM DAC. I am using a LG BP 200 blu-ray player to play CDs in a 2 channel set-up. Would I hear a noticeable improvement with a med. quality dedicated cd player. I am currently using coaxial out from blu-ray player to coaxial in on...
  7. HK 3490 Setup issue.

    System Setup and Connection
    Set up new HK 3490 stereo amp, without too much trouble.Connected 2 Polk tsi 400s and 2 Klipsch KW-100 Subs. Started listening at a low level to warm up amp. As soon as I raised the volume ( not a lot). The amp shut down on a protection fault. Tried running each sub alone, tried no subs...
  8. Embarrassed HK 3700 No Posts

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    Well, just getting here, doing my greet, I search for the H/K 3700 and unless I am totally useless, which might be the case, my heart hit my throat and now believe, even a a noob putting this system together, Maybe went wrong with this Receiver? Purchased pieces only on sale over the last few...
  9. Unbalanced HK Receiver

    General Service and Technical Information
    Hi. I got an old Harman Kardon 630 stereo receiver for cheap. Unfortunately, the left channel of both speaker outs is audibly louder than the right channel. I swapped the fuses for the right and left channels but the issue persists. Is there any additional troubleshooting I can do other than...
  10. my HK 245(235?) going bad?

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    hello I have noticed as of late i have a high pitch wavering sound from my speakers and i thought it was feedback like a wire was near power. I notice this on my system that was set up with 3.1 ( i just moved) those wire do travel down the wall with a power wire for the tv, but i tried to...
  11. Free HK AVR 2600 Receiver with purchase of Klipsch 7.1 Speaker System

    Great Deals and Specials
    This seems like a great deal here. If you purchase a 7.1 speaker package from World Wide Stereo (which appear to be all Klipsch), then you get a Harman Kardon AVR 2600 receiver for free. And their Klipsch packages are the better ones with pretty good discounts. You have to use the coupon code...
  12. Connecting EMOTIVA USP-1 Preamp + HK 3490 Receiver + subwoofer

    System Setup and Connection
    Guys I am new to the the whole audio world- I need some help and advice in connecting these- ONKYO CD PLAYER C-7030 Harmon kardon HK 3490 (2 channel stereo Receiver ) Emotiva Preamp- USP-1 Velodyne Impact 10 JBL L 890 towers Harmon kardon does not have any bass management, that is the...
  13. Upgrade HK AVR-635 to one with new HDMI or upgrade player to one with analog output?

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    Hi! I have a HK AVR-635 which I love...very strong but it lacks HDMI for decoding Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD. I am sending the movies from my computer so I was trying to upgrade so I was either thinking on getting a Bluray player with analog outputs or getting a "new" receiver like an Onkyo 805...
  14. Replace my HK AVR635 with HK AVR354 or similar..or get a Bluray with analog outputs?

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    Hello! So my beloved AVR-635 has no HDMI so no DOLBY TRUE HD or DTS HD Master. I have been considering a replacement on a budget. Maybe a HK AVR354 or an Onkyo 805 ..used and cheap is my goal. I love the HK power and sound but it seems the most recent ones are very low weight so I like to stick...
  15. HK AVR-347 Distortion issue?

    General Service and Technical Information
    Have been using a Harman Kardon AVR 347 happily for a while now. Recently I started getting this terrible distortion out of my front left speaker. The first time, I reached around back of the unit and checked the cable, the distortion stopped. Now about twice a week it starts back. What I have...
  16. HK 254 EZSET/EQ and REW

    REW Forum
    Hi Guys! Well today I tried to embarked on a new challenge. That being measuring my HK 254's EZSET EQ's Freq response versus a manual setup. I don't have a BFD so I decided to give the AVR another chance now that I know how to use REW. Right off the bat I ran into trouble because it seems that...
  17. hk 3490

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    does anyone have any experience with the HK 3490 reciever?.
  18. Sell Onkyo TX-SR876 and get an HK AVR-354?

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    So...I've posted before that I own an Onkyo TX-SR876 and a Harman Kardon AVR-247. The Onkyo is powering a set of Rocket 5.0s and an MFW-15, and they will soon be powering another pair of speakers (Tekton Audio, maybe?) in zone 2. The AVR-247 is currently powering my ELT525M's. I really like...
  19. memory problem HK AVR435

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    Hello from Holland, I currently own a set-up with the HK DVD 27, HK AVR 435, KEF Q5 front, Q1 Compact rear, Q6C and Velodyne CT150 (230VAC). I'm having trouble with the AVR 435 when I turn it off completely it looses all memory settings. I have found the service manual and have replaced the...
  20. HK wattage ratings

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    Why do the HK recievers have a low wattage rating per channel. The avr 35 i have is 40w per channel yet seems louder than same or cheaper 100w or 120w per channel recievers. I notice that even the newer ones have lower ratings like 50w. Then it says high current. the avr 35 is way louder and...