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  1. HL-R5067 Check Fan #2 Message Appears, Intermittently Shuts Off

    I have been having an issue with my Samsung DLP, sometimes when I turn it on I get a message at the bottom of the screen that says "Check Fan #2". Sometimes I can watch without problem and it goes away, sometimes it doesn't go away, and sometimes the TV just shuts itself off and I can't turn it...
  2. HL-R5067W 50" DLP (sound but no picture)

    I started reading this forum a few weeks ago when my HL-R5067W DLP quit working. From what i read i thought for sure it was the digital board. I sent the board to JPE for a reflow. A couple days later i got the board back no note or anything just the board back. I assume the reflow went ok...
  3. HL-R5067W Digital Board problem

    Can someone please confirm the problem with my HL-R5067W set? Reading through several posts I'm thinking my set has the digital board issue. My set is connected to a digital antenna, which I first thought maybe my antenna just went bad. I'm experiencing a light green checkered pattern on...
  4. HL-R5067W Green/Plaid Lines Issue

    I wanted some pointed advice on how I might deal with the issue that I am experiencing, which is as follows: Current Input Hookups: Component 1: DVD with Component Cables (works fine without issue) Component 2: Empty Cable: Coaxial Digital Direct Line (Comcast without a tuner box)-Analog...
  5. Another Sammy HL-R5067W bites the dust

    Having read a lot about this unit, my expectations are "aligned". Here's the story; Samsung HL-R5067WAX/WAA (Dec/05) Lamp failed. I replaced my lamp (BP96-01073A(P) and color wheel with Samsung OEM replacement parts. Picture was perfect for an hour then 'scrambled' and is replaced by green /...
  6. Samsung HL-R5067W

    Hello I am new to the forum. I have a samsung DLP tv manufactured Feb 2006 that recently started to shut itself off and then procede to turn itself back on. It would do this about 5 times and then stay on. Just this morning I went to turn my tv on and the Lamp light would flash about 14 times...
  7. HL-R5067W hard to turn on

    When I turn on my TV it tries to come on, then shuts off and tries to come on again. It does this three times and then the Timer Lamp/Stand By Temp lights flash. Eventually I can get it to come on. When I first try to turn it on I listened for the color wheel and I here a ticking sound like...
  8. Samsung HL-R5067W Timer-Lamp Stand by Temp

    I am having a problem with my DLP and with the Timer-Lamp/Stand by Temp lights flashing. So far I have verified that: The color wheel is not broken and is spinning The fans are turning The temp switch is not open Replaced the lamp Put a jumper on CN301 to remove the sub detect board Right now...