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hln617wx or xaa

  1. Audio issue with Samsung HLN617WX/XAA

    Hello! I am new to the forum, and I need some help with my tv. The audio started having issues a few weeks ago, and now it's completely gone. I can hear light clicking sound when I get closer to the tv speaker, but there is no actual audio. When the issue first started, I can leave the tv...
  2. HLN617WX/XAA funny lines on screen

    I have a Samsung HLN617WX/XAA 61" DLP and there are small lines on the screen when using the component hookups and when I use the video hookups but not when I use the pc hookup. I have replaced the digital board because the tv just stopped working with the remote. I would tap on the digital...
  3. HLN617WX/XAA Internal Wires

    I have a Samsung HLN617WX/XAA 61" DLP and I'm looking for the 5 wire cable (1 blue wire and 4 white wires) that goes from the DMD Board to the Ballast. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas where to look. I don't know the part number or if it even has one. I have checked eBay but no luck...
  4. HLN617WX/XAA OEM Lamp?

    Where can I get an OEM Lamp? I found one on amazon but I'm not sure it is OEM for my TV. On the side of my TV it says I need BP96-00224E(P) and the one on amazon is BP96-00224J. This is the one I found on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-HL-N617WX-HLN617WX-Housing-BP96-00224J/dp/B002Y0SKTW
  5. Samsung DLP HLN617wx/xaa green plaid screen

    i've got the green plaid on my screen. So after reading all the threads, I thought I would try the reflow. I was going to send it to JD Electronics but I found a place here locally that could do it. But when I took the board in, they told me my DNIe chip wasn't a BGA chip and so reflowing...
  6. Another HLN617WX/XAA

    My TV made a subdued sound, unlike when the color wheel went out, and then turned off. It had the three lights flashing on the front and the bulb had broken inside so I went to a Samsung authorized bulb dealer and they installed a bulb in the chassis I took them. When I got home the...
  7. HLN617wx/xaa won't power up

    I have this 8 year old set. It started to occasionally shut down so about a year ago I replaced the bulb and color wheel (both brand name parts from discount merchant). I replaced the bulb since it was a 'usual suspect' and the wheel because mine had always been a little noisy. The old bulb...
  8. Samsung HLN617WX/XAA

    I have a problem with my TV shutting down after 1-5 minutes so I pulled the power supply board that is behind the speaker and ballast to have a look at them to make sure I didn't have any blown capacitors. I put everything back together and made sure that I have everything hooked up in the...
  9. Samsung HLN617WX-XAA 61" DLP TV

    I have a Samsung DLP 61" hln617wx-xaa and it stays on for 1 minute to 5 min then turns out. The picture is fine and sound is fine when it is on for that time. The analog, digital, and serial cable ports are fine for putting out a picture and sound. They all have the same reaction, tv is on for...