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  1. Samsung
    Hello, I'm experiencing an issue where after 15 minutes, the picture starts degrading and flickering on my DLP TV. I can't post a video of it because this is my first post, but does this sort of symptom clue any of the experts on DLP issues? If I get some more posts, I suppose I can post the...
  2. Samsung
    Hello, I just purchased a Samsung Blueray/ DVD player to add to my home theatre system in order to add Netflix streaming service. I am having issues getting the sound to work with both the TV and Blueray player through my receiver. I have connected the Blueray directly to the TV via HDMI with...
  3. Samsung
    Hello all, I am new here and would love your help with this issue: After turning on my Samsung HLP5674W the following occurs 1. A constant tone sound comes from the unit 2. The picture is displayed only in Black and white (crisp and clear) I changed the lamp at the beginning of last year...
1-3 of 3 Results