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  1. HLR5067W Samsung tv

    Hello, I heard a loud noise, sounded like a fan vibration, it got louder and louder then a bang. The noise still continued and had a hard time shutting off tv. turned it back on after about 5 times trying, the loud noise is from the back of the tv, I can hear sound but no picture. The button...
  2. HL-R5067W not turning on...

    I have just spent many hours reading posts on this forum and elsewhere on the internet hoping to find a solution but it resulted in no answers specific to my situation so here goes……… I am the original owner of this Samsung. Replaced a lamp w/ factory parts several years ago. Other than that...
  3. Samsung HLR5067W Problems after DMD Board Install

    Swapped out the board in my TV after it was having black vertical lines on all inputs and all menus. Installed the new board with no issues and now it won't fire up. It tries 3 times and than all 3 LEDs flash as if I should replace the bulb but with the back cover off I can clearly see the bulb...
  4. Samsung DLP HLR5067W Fan question

    Hi guys, new to DLP technology. I'm a PC Geek by trade and have a question perhaps some of you more experienced DLP guys can help me with. I started having black vertical lines on all of my inputs on my Samsung. Posted on here and asked around on a few different sites and it seems the DMD Board...
  5. Samsung DLP HLR5067W black vertical lines

    I can't post pics because my iPhone is also being repaired but tonight my Samsung DLP TV just started showing these black vertical lines. They're on every input, even the menu. The picture underneath is still perfect but I can't get rid of the lines. The lamp is only 3 months old. Any ideas?
  6. samsung hlr5067w

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Have an old samsung hlr5067w, started buzzing horribly last night, I was in other room with my recording setup. Wife tells me it just got real loud. I did not get to analyze before she shut off. She said the Pic was on, but twitching and color was screwy. When I went in, she had turned off...
  7. hlr5067w digital board issue or something else?

    Hi Guys, I just replaced the lamp on a hlr5067wx/xaa tv that i found outside my apartment complex, I do not know what else was wrong with the tv before. But after i put the new lamp in and power it up than I get purple and white static like bars across the tv. Any idea what is causing this. I...
  8. HLR5067W Connection Issue...please help!

    I've had my HLR-5067W for about 6 years and after about year 3 the hdmi port would work only occasionally. It appeared to be loose as if you supported it with something it would work for a while. I read somewhere that the weight of the hdmi male connection and cable commonly "weighs down" the...
  9. Samsung HLR5067W won't turn on and 3 kids are about to mutiny!

    Hello all! I'm a newbee to this site and I've been searching around for a couple days at the vast amount of info on here, but now I think it's time for me speak up. As stated above I have a Samsung HLR5067W. About a month ago it started making a strange whistle when I powered it on. It do...
  10. HL-R5067W Replaced Digital Board - No Sound

    Hello All: I received my digital board in the mail today and installed it in my HL-R5067W. Now, I don't have any sound and no option on the screen for Component so no HD. All it has is TV in my Source List I have a coax running from the wall into my cable box into the TV. That seems to give me...
  11. HLR5067W Digital Board / HDMI option

    Hello All: I have read a lot of the great posts on her about the know Digital Board problem with the Samsung HLR5067W. I tried the suggestion of the clamp/screw on the DNIe chip. However, this did not work for me. So I have a few questions: First my problem is as follows: The problem I am...
  12. Samsung HLR5067W won't come on

    Hello: I have a Samsung HLR5067WX/XAA. The tv failed to come on one morning. I had an extra bulb on hand so I changed it, with no problems. Buttoned everything back up, plugged the power cable in, hit the on switch on the remote and all I hear is the switches/relays clicking, then the...
  13. HLR-5067W plaid green issue

    Having an issue with a HLR5067W. Standard cable has several sets of vertical plaid green lines. This also occurs on the RCA inputs. Local "HD" cable channels have small green and pink plaid squares. Component (480p tested) and HDMI (720p/1080p tested) are working fine. The tv guide and menus...
  14. HLR5067W: Screen turns off - Audio remains

    Samsung HLR5067W: Screen goes black - Audio Remains. Several months back my 5 years old HLR5067W started displaying the following behavior: - Launches OK - After running for a while (anywhere between minutes and hours) the screen automatically turns itself off. Note that only the video is...
  15. HLR5067W - Ballast

    Greetings, I am trying to confirm a lamp to ballast combination. MY TV is HLR5067W, L3 chassis with a Osram 1.0 100 watt lamp, E23 (big bulb). I am wanting to replace the now expired lamp with the Phillps 120 -132 watt lamp, E22 (smaller bulb). It appears that I would also have to replace...
  16. hlr5067w - lamp and standby blinking

    I have just installed a new digital board and my tv screen was inverted vertically. So I went into standby pressed the mute-1-8-2-power to do a v-flip. My tv immediately shut down and is now blinking the lamp and standby. It will not power up. Any ideas? Bad sub-detect board?
  17. HLR5067w problem

    It just went out on me yesterday, after some searching and lots of reading, it looks to be a fairly common problem with these types of sets. I'm still trying to narrow down what it could be but so far it sounds like it's a digital board issue. Here's what it does: When the set is off and has...
  18. Samsung hlr5067w checker board

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Any help or pointing in the right direction will be greatly appreciated. I have tried searching the forum but can not find anyone with the same problem. I have a Samsung hlr5067w. About 2 weeks I turned it on and it went to a green blue checker board pattern. I unplugged it for a few minutes...
  19. another hlr5067w

    I just picked one up for free off craigslist. Same green plaid screen. I am thinking of contacting the person who is doing the reflow and asking him how must just to have it reballed. If he cant reflow it I may just take it apart for parts for my other hlr5067w and put them up as exras.
  20. Need Help After Samsung Digital Board Replacement

    Hey guys, brand new to the forum...I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong area or violating any rules here. I have a Samsung 50 in DLP model HLR5067WX/XAA. I took it to a repair shop and they told me that the digital board was what was causing it not to turn on. So, rather than pay them...