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  1. Samsung HLR5667w Does not turn on

    My Samsung HLR5667w has a brand new lamp, and color wheel, ballast sparks and fans turn but the tv will not turn on, what and how can I check next. I have read in the forums about dmd and digital board items but they were all about bad images and I could not see where anyone had this same...
  2. HELP! Resolution Reset - Samsung HLR5667w

    Hi, I have a Samsung DLP HLR5667w. I replaced the section containing the inputs (HDMI, VGA, all the component connections, etc.) because the HDMI input was not receiving signal. Now it's receiving signal, but since I everything has been connected, my resolution on the monitor is off. Where...
  3. HLR5667W TV blinking front TIMER/LAMP and Standby lights

    My HLR5667W won't start. When I start, it makes some noise and then usual Samsung startup noise folloed by high pitch noise and blinking lamp sign. It goes on for a minute and does the same cycle again for few times and then all I see three front signs blinking. Not sure, if I should spend...
  4. Samsung HLR5667w DLP screen going black and powering off

    I am having this same problem too with my HLR5667W. First I will give a background on what I have done so far. Initially I was getting the dreaded green checkerboard pattern on the analog channels, and the picture freezing on the digital channels that has been so prevalent in these sets, and...
  5. HLR5667W Channel Program, Digital Board ?

    Maybe someone can help me ? I have repaired a few of these HLRXX67 dlp's in the past by replacing the digital boards. But this one has me a little puzzled ???? The tv works fine with basic cable going into the coax connection but when I do a channel scan it only picks up channels around 49...
  6. Samsung HLR5667W Blinking LAMP light

    Much like many other posts out there, my unit died the other day without warning. Simply, picture froze, no noise, dead. Try to power the unit on, you can see the backlight fire up, but there's no picture or sound, the LAMP light flashes for about 30 seconds then powers down. If you go to the...
  7. problems with HLR5667W after replacing digital board

    Hey everyone, I have an HLR5667W and a few months ago I started getting the dread green honeycombs while watching tv and pretty soon could not watch cable at all. I resorted to just watching things with my computer connected (VGA worked fine). I found a service manual online and purchased the...
  8. HLR5667W Questions, won't turn on

    Thanks for all the info on this board so far. I am trying to debug my situation. Right now the tv will not turn on. I see the lamp blink in green on the front for 30 secs then goes off. With the back open i can see the lamp is on. Will a lamp that is dead still turn on? Last week i got the...
  9. a hlr5667w on ebay for 99 cents Cleveland, Ohio

    I'm not sure what it will end at but someone maybe can get a good deal. Ether have it repaired or use it for parts. I asked a questions and from what he replied back it's the digital board. A solder reflow may take care of it. They said the lamp light just flashes and the lamp is lite when you...