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  1. Samsung
    Hi Folks, New to the forums here, but have been lurking for a day or so. I've done a few searches and couldn't find a topic that matched this. This weekend I bought, off craigslist, a HL-R5678W. Not bad, $250 with a brand new bulb (Samsung Part). The TV works great, but has one interesting...
  2. Samsung
    First, upon changing the input source, it appeared that one of the colors stopped working (red i think) as everything was a purple or blueish color. i tried my typical trusty fix - pull the plug and wait 30 seconds. (it already has a problem staying on, which is random and doesn't seem to be...
  3. Samsung
    nice forum btw,I have a picture problem with my set....the sreen is flickering(white out) with a vertical grid pattern on the bottom.I spoke with samsung and the lamp,color wheel dont seem to be the problem.ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT :hissyfit:football season:hissyfit:
  4. Samsung
    Hi there I have an issue with the display with my 2 and 1/2 year Samsung HLR5678w TV:sad2:. The picture seems to have red streaks on it which is intermitant. Sometimes the display will be fine, then this issue will appear. I've attached some sample pictures to this posting. Thoughts on what...
1-4 of 4 Results