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  1. HLR6167WAX/XAA Help with getting the cables in the right spots on the analog board

    Hey guys, I had this buried in an oh so familiar "My DNIe chip went bad" post, but I thought I'd pull it out to it's own thread. I was going to pull the digital board and have JD reflow the chip. So I was in a hurry, and I had read on here that each cable is unique and only fits in one spot...
  2. HLR6167WAX/XAA DNIe reflowed. worked for 4 months, now it's gone again

    Hello, I had the DNIe chip reflowed on my digital board (JD Electronics) back around new years. Though I lost my remote control sensor somehow when I plugged it back in, the picture worked fine until today. Now it's back to the old freeze... go black... turn off... turn back on, and repeat...
  3. HLR6167WAX/XAA Digital board problems

    This set started having problems with tiling when cold, going green with patterns of lines, and other patterns of distorted images. It would clear up when run for a couple of hours. At the time, the digital board was on backorder, and in order to get the client up and running, I pulled the...