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  1. HL-S4266W problems

    I've had this Samsung DLP TV (model HL-S4266W) for a bit over four years without any issues. Recently the TV has been switching off and the front 3 LEDs on the on/off power button for Timer/Temp, Lamp, Power/Standby have been flashing after it turned itself off. According to the Samsung manual...
  2. HL-S4266W --- Did I get a bad lamp?

    So I have a HL-S4266W that I have had for 5 years now that recently started acting up. The other morning when I went to turn it on all I got was a rapid clicking sound and no picture. After three attempts to power itself on it turned off and gave me the three flashing lights on the front. I...
  3. HL-S4266W Turns on for 3-10 minutes then turns off

    So my precious Samsung TV decided late last week that it would turn off while we were watching a show. I suspected the bulb was failing (a little more than 5 years old now) so I ordered a replacement, which arrived yesterday. When it turned off all 3 lights were blinking, which according to the...
  4. samsung HL-s4266w

    So I just replaced the lamp and now I'm geting I high pitch sound coming from the back of the tv, from the research iv done I'm sure its gonna be the color wheel. But on all the other post people are saying there tvs work fine for about a minute and then shut off. My tv sounds like its turning...
  5. Samsung Model HL-S4266W

    Was given tv appx 8 months ago with #2 fan problem. Replaced fan and tv worked for a few months. Had blub problem, replaced and tv worked great for a few months. Now the tv works for a few seconds than loses picture and then volume, than shuts off. 3 lights blinking, lamp, timer and...
  6. samsung hls4266w work fine then cuts off

    I'm having a problem with my Samsung hls4266w and couldn't find an answer. My tv powers on completely normally and the lamp goes to its full brightness. The picture and sound will remain perfect for about 15 seconds then the entire set turns off. There is a low whirring noise, then all 3...