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  1. Samsung
    Samsung HL-S6187W. The only thing that is different/wrong is I have no picture, just a black screen. It otherwise works normally. Front power LED & powerup sound are normal. I can see light from the main bulb leaking out the back of the unit and hear the cooling fan. I can hear sound from...
  2. Samsung
    I have recently been experiencing similar shutdown issues with my HLS6187W I purchased at the beginning of 2007. They started about a week after a power outage. My components are plugged into a surge protector (without a UPS) but I was not using the cable protector at the time. I have replaced...
  3. Samsung
    Tonight while I was watch TV on my Samsung HLS6187W an electrical power outage in my home took place for 1-2 seconds twice within a 10 second frame of time. When my Samsung HLS6187W HDTV, Satellite Digital Receiver, JVC Stereo came back on everything worked as normal but the Samsung HLS6187W...
1-3 of 3 Results