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  1. Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello all, I recently acquired a soundbar and woofer and am now trying to plan the acoustics of the space such that the sound does not bother my neighbors and the echo is minimized. I have looked at sound isolators, acoustic paneling, foam and rugs as potential elements in this space to improve...
  2. System Setup and Connection
    So I am a bit confused and I have a huge objective I am trying to meet. So I have a brand new 65" LG smart TV, Comcast cable box(plugged into HDMI 1), an xbox 360 (plugged into HDMI 2), and a Google Chromecast (plugged into HDMI 3[arc]). I plan on buying one of those brand new Smartcast Vizio...
  3. Home Audio Acoustics
    Please give me suggestions on Bass Trap placements and which ones to buy? Any ideas would be appreciated. See Link below https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q2kj0chjcrx18ly/AAAw35f1G5BGDFpbM8z1om8sa?dl=0
  4. Home Theater System Recommendations
    I am totally new to home theater so all help will be appreciated. To start things off, I will explain what I have and my budget, then what I'm looking for. This home theatre system will be hooked up to a PC with a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Xifi Xtremegamer sound card. In terms of sound cards...
1-4 of 4 Results