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  1. My Hometheater, introduction

    New Member Introductions
    Hello together, I would like to introduce myself a little in to this forum. I registered recently. I apologize for not speaking perfect english, but I am not a native speaker, since I am Jonas from Germany 47years old and since some years home theater enthusiast. Living in a small town close to...
  2. New Home theater advice and suggestions

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Dear All, Need some help deciding on equipment for my home theater. I am planning to install a home theater system in a family room. This will not be a dedicated theater room but rather an informal living room where the family and close friends can hang out. We will mostly use the system for...
  3. Managing Wires & Cables of Hometheater

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a home theater/A/V cabinet housing my home theater/ stereo system. I have a 60 inch Sony HDTV / Onkyo 809/Direct TV DVR/Sony BluRay and a X-Box all connected to a 5.1 set-up. In the same cabinet I have a Adcom pre amp/ Acurus amp/ Denon CD changer which I run my 2.1 system. Each system...
  4. New Starter

    DIY Speakers
    Hi Everyone I looking to build a hifi audio system for my home but have no idea where to start looking for. Can anyone here help to get started. Basically I am thinking to build a 5+1 audio system (3 way). Not sure about the budget as I am in Australia but I want to build system in India when...
  5. Diskohouse HomeTheater

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Speakers Klipsch Epic Series - CF-1 (mains) Klipsch KSF-C5 (center) Klipsch RS-43 (surrounds and rears (4 in total)) B&W ASW1000 (subwoofer) Definitive Technology Super Cube i (subwoofer) AV Equipment Integra 7.9 AV receiver Samsung 46A650a LCD Sony PlayStation 3 HP Media Center used as a HTPC
  6. My hometheater

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Epson EMP-TW2000 projector 104" 16/9 screen from Euroscreen DVDO edge video processor Lexicon MV-5 processor Oppo BDP-83 SE NuForce edition Nuforce MCH300- SEC7 amplifier Denon POA T3 THX amplifier subwoofer- Sunfire Subrosa + Electra SW900 JM Lab Electra 946 front speakers Center channel CC301...
  7. Subwoofer for new hometheater room

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi , im building my new hometheater on my new house. My space is 15 ft X 21 ft, i was thinking on going with an exodus tempest x . I only have experienced building my front speaker, with came quite well so now im deciding on going for the subwoofer. Any designs or suggestions? help is highly...
  8. My First Hometheater Setup

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Display: Screen - 106" Elite AcousticPro TV - Samsung 46" LCD Projector - Optoma HD65 Speaker Setup 7.1: Front Left/Right - Klipsch RF-82 Center - Klipsch RC-62 Surrounds (4) - Bose Acoustimas Spekaers Subwoofer - SVS PB13 Ultra Receiver: Onkyo RX-NR3007 Yamaha RX-V1400
  9. Need Some Advice And Guidance With My First Hometheater Build

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    i have done a little with car audio builds but only with sealed boxes. i have just gotten into the ported boes. i am going to be using a MJ-18 because its price is just in my fairground. (college student living in mom's basement) lol. the box is going to be 10.8 cubic ft after displacements. its...
  10. SVS reviewed in this months HomeTheater Magazine

    I snagged me a copy. They reviewed a SBS-01 set up with a SCS-01 center and a pb10 sub Got a great write up they loved everything about them the only thing that didn't make great marks were the looks and it still got decent marks for that..... They highest mark they got was in the...
  11. Building a pr of Hometheater subs

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hello all, I am in the process of building a pair of 10 inch subwoofers from JL Audio 10W6v2-D4 (400 watts) for my hometheater. I was advised by the JL Audio retailer that these drivers will be fine for application as long as the receiver can handle/accept the relevant ohms of 4 ohms(paralell)...
  12. Need basic information of hometheater logic???

    AV Home Theater
    :dizzy: Need basic understanding of TV's 780i-1080i and other basic stuff?? Is there a general link for this information?? Looking to get HD-TV, but don't understand what they are talking about?? Need HELP