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  1. Dumb Audio Hookup Question

    System Setup and Connection
    I have a Yamaha HTR-6050 reciever. It has 2 digital optical hookups and 1 digital coaxial hookup. My problem is that I have 3 devices that use digital optical connections (PS3, XBOX 360, and HD satellite reciever). Part of my problem is this reciever only plays video through HDMI connections and...
  2. Hookup setting for Sony STR DG 910

    System Setup and Connection
    Hello, I would appreciate if you could help me find the best connection setup for the following devices: TV Sony Plasma SE P42 M1 Amplifier Sony STR DG 910 Liteon HD DVD recorder Nokia Mediamaster Satellite receiver I'm not sure how to connect them best together, any advice is much...
  3. Help! Recommendation for System hookup

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Sorry if this question is a bit basic or stupid, but I need some help either way so... I have a media PC hooked up to my home theatre system via a normal 3.5 headphone jack, but I recently found out my speaker system supports digital coax. I'm wondering how to connect the two dots. Just in case...
  4. Home Theatre Hookup to CRT

    AV Home Theater
    Hey guys, How do you hook up a home theatre receiver to a CRT tv with basic cable?
  5. RCA to 1/4 cables for hookup

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    Short of buying the parts and soldering up the cables myself, is anyone familiar with a supplier for quality pre-made cables to connect the BFD to the receiver and sub? Thanks.
  6. Multiply System Hook-up

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I have ordered a 1124P which is soon to arrive. I would like to use it for both my 2 ch. system and the home theater system. What I would like to know if the way I was going to set this up is feasible.I was going to input the 2 ch. signals using the XLR inputs, doing the necessary adjustments on...
  7. Rainy wkend ahead / need sub hookup advice

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Since this weekend looks like a wash out I want to experiment with my SVS sub. I only have it hooked up doing HT duty. I want to try it in 2 channel mode. How do I hook it up? My receiver is a NAD T773 using sub-out. My 2 channel system is a CJ tube preamp, AVA amp, Consonance CD120 player, &...
  8. BFD Hookup Question

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    There are 2 inputs and 2 outputs on the BFD. Am I connecing one cable from my processor preout to the BehringerFD, and if so, does it matter what input, or am I using a splitter and connecting to both inputs? Next I am connecting my BFD to my Behringer 2500. Again, am I using one or two outs...