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  1. HLS-6187WX/XAA vertical and horizontal white lines

    When starting up the TV, there is a vertical white line on the right of the screen. Sometimes there is a horizontal white line on the top part of the middle of the screen. I am not able to pull up any menus when the TV is on.
  2. p50h401 horizontal black lines,top half only

    Hi Guys, Great site. thanks in advance. Per this site did diagnostics on this hitachi p50h401. I had the blue flashes. This blue seemed to be a 3 flash first then 4 flashes repeated then I could hear it shutdown. I replaced the 2 main power caps, mine were slightly buldged. I could clearly see...
  3. Horizontal polar graphs

    Pro Audio
    Does anybody have polar graphs for Yamaha HS8 and Dynaudio BM5Amkii. Want to compare them with Behringer 2030 and 1030 and many other given here : http://dtmblabber.blogspot.in/2011/01/review-of-polar-graphs.html Thanks...
  4. WS65909 Hor/Vert Deflection Issue

    I have been in Computers all my life, just haven't done a lot in TV repair beyond some minor alignments etc. I got the Service manual from one of the links here and have been reading it. Here is the issue. In both standard and HD mode, my picture on the screen is to wide and to tall. I...
  5. Please vote!Do you have the faint horizontal band in Samsung F8500 plasma series?

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Lets start this poll to see whats going on and who has the faint horizontal band on their new Samsung Plasma 8500 series... I have it...
  6. horizontal white lines on dvd playback

    Home Theater Projectors
    Hello everyone, I hope this is the right place for a question like this. I am getting a horizontal white line flash across my screen every few seconds or so when I'm playing DVDs. I originally suspected it was a problem with my HDMI cable, but I have since noticed the problem does not exist...
  7. Black horizontal lines on Hitachi 50PD9800

    Hello to all, i need your help. Last week, my Plasma TV had a problem on 2 capacitors on the power board, after replaced it, I saw only half screen, I proceeded to replace the SDR-U ND60200-0047 one of the chip was burned to. Now, al the screen are visible but now I have the problem of Black...
  8. ECM 8k: Horizontal or Vertical Position

    REW Forum
    Hi. Can someone please confirm the orientation of the ECM 8k mic for use with REW? I've been told that it should be pointed vertically when measuring? Is this correct? I've been using it horizontally. Thanks, Bob
  9. Two vertical centers versus one horizontal

    Home Audio Speakers
    I've been using two vertically arrayed centers, one above and one below my small (plasma) and large (projector) screens for some time now, after years of using a single standard horizontally arrayed monitor above or below. The voicing is dead center, and very clear and articulate. I notice that...
  10. Sony KP-53HS10 Horizontal Line problem

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Hi guys, hopefully someone will be able to respond with a little help here. My old SOny KP53HS10 was having problems - no picture, so I found about about how to adjust the tube brightness and focus (hope I did that right) and the picture came back. But now there are 1 to 4 horizontal lines...
  11. 32" LCD Black & White Horizontal Lines Only

    DIY Repair and Maintenance
    i have an hp lc3260n 32" LCD screen and upon powering up it shows black and white horizontal lines through the entire screen then fades to black after 5 seconds. It seems as though the power stays on, however no picture or on screen display. I have checked most connections and no visible damage...
  12. Drywall Vertical or Horizontal

    DIY Screens
    I am getting ready to start hanging drywall. The wall which I will be projecting my screen onto should I hang the drywall vertical or horizontal? I plan to do a black widow screen directly on the new drywall. I am using 4ft x 8ft drywall and I will have approximately a 100" screen. If I...
  13. Horizontal Width Adjustment - 51F500A

    Several months ago I successfully completed the convergence repair on my Hitachi 51F500A. I did the grid adjustments to correct the convergence to an acceptable level without using a template (by eye). One thing that has remained however is the picture is too wide and I don't know how to adjust...
  14. WD 62525 horizontal line problem

    New guy here with a problem. I own a WD62525 that just started getting horizontal stripes in the picture after the set is on for a while. I had the local repair man check it out and he said that the Mitsu tech told him the boards are bad/going bad. They suggested sending them in for and...
  15. VS-50803 Horizontal lines

    It's a bad video, but this is what it's doing. The guy I got it from had the local TV repair shop out to look at it. He reports as follows: "they said something about a capacitor, or something like that, and that it'd be $200 or so." So, that's great info. Might as well be blinker fluid or...
  16. Mechanical horizontal masking system for 1.78 fixed frame screen

    General Screen Discussion
    I posted this in my screen thread, but I noticed in another thread a poster asking about building a mechanical masking system so I decided to make a new thread for any posters that might be interested. I have now added an adjustable horizontal masking system to my 106" fixed frame screen. My...
  17. Acoustic properties of horizontal wood blinds

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hello all, I'm just getting into this, and am trying to use CARA for some room analysis. I have horizontal 2" faux wood blinds over a triple wide window in my theater room, and am wondering what the absorption coefficient or other acoustic data is for that combination. If anyone know this...
  18. One Horizontal Green line on JVC 48'' RP HDTV

    I have a jvc 48'' Rear projection hdtv and i have this annoying green line on the top. Its slighty noticeable when your not on a hd channel. However the line is very noticeable when your in 1080i. Its been there for awhile and im not sure what the problem is. Heres a picture:
  19. WS-55859 Code 23 Horizontal Deflection Lost

    I managed to get the unit to power up after replacing the caps on the DM power board, but now the picture comes on for a few seconds and then powers off. The diagnostic code I got was 23 -- Loss of horizontal deflection. Any suggestions on what to do? Paul R
  20. Speakers horizontal vs vertical

    Home Audio Speakers
    What if any are the reasons for not placing speakers on there side ( horizontal vs vertical) Is there a audible difference? I placed my surrounds on there sides so I dont bang my head on them when walking by/under them as I am 6'4" tall.