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  1. Chane Music and Cinema Becomes hORNS Exclusive North American Distributor

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    Chane Music and Cinema has consistently delivered quality to the Audio Visual world, headlined by the company’s enthusiast-friendly A-Series of speakers. The A-Series' (comprised of the A1.4, A2.4, A3RX-C, and A5RX-C) popularity is undisputed and the company has continually refined and tweaked...
  2. Mix-n-Match Horns & Cones

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    You may have heard it's important to match L/C/R speakers across the front stage. And you may even have heard it's important to match the surrounds and backs, too (but not so much). But have you heard it's okay to mix speaker types between fronts and surrounds/rears? How would you expect a...
  3. Horns - Blu-ray Review

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    http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=36185 Title: Horns Movie: :3stars: Video: :4.5stars: Audio: :4.5stars: Extras: :1star: HTS Overall Score:77 http://www.hometheatershack.com/gallery/file.php?n=36193Summary Daniel Radcliffe is one of those people who’s...
  4. Klipsch Brings Horns to Bars

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    Source: Home Theater Magazine
  5. Tractrix Horn for middle frequencies ?

    Home Audio Speakers
    Hi to all : several firms make tractrix horns for 2-way systems ( image 1). The tractrix 110 (horns.pl) can be driven with CD like the Monacor DT-400. But it is suitable for drivers up to 4.5 inches. What does this mean ? I haven t found drivers larger than 2 inches. Could a fullrange 4.5...
  6. New to Tapped Horns Help with design

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi folks, I have been lurking for quite a while here and I came across so much usefull information that I decided to register and start participating. I have a long history in audio that started with car audio and now as I have matured I am into home theatre. I love designing my own subwoofer...
  7. The sick sweet spot of synergy horns

    Home Audio Speakers
    The video following, is a lot bigger than anything we'd use in our homes, but I think the concepts can be carried over to the lesser "home size" synergy horn speakers. Get out your headphones and watch this video: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2225928221801
  8. anybody using scoops or horns as subs...

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    i just finished building 2 - 18' mogale super scoopers- for my dj...and i wanted to know if any one here is using them for HT ...cause im planning on trying them out..hope i dont bring the house down cause when i dj i shake the whole block.. the bass is just insane... my scoops [/URL][/IMG]
  9. Any DIY Tapped Horns similar to DTS-20 (footprint and frequency response)?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    :wave: I've done many searches here and on several forums, but haven't been able to find a tapped horn similar to the DTS-20. I like it's 18"x20" footprint, 18-150Hz -3dB :hsd: frequency response, and also like that it employs a single 12" driver. Does anyone know of a design/cab that is...
  10. Re: Tapped Horns

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Re: Tapped Horns Hi guys, I have decided to go down the road off trying to learn how to design and build tapped horn subs. I have read a great deal off build threads on different sites and would like to get into this too. I thought it would be good to also try and get as much advise as...
  11. Frankenspeaker and tractrix horns - photos

    DIY Speakers
    Hi, I am going to try to not write a long post about this project right now as my time is limited. If there seems to be some interest in this frankenspeaker project I will try to make the time to post a full article about the build later, my effort and misery ought to make for a good laugh if...
  12. All horns

    Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    My system is pretty much fun and for me, that's what it's all about. Speakers: Fronts: Klipsch Jubilee's Center: Klipsch LaScala, am planning on converting it into a "JubeScala" utilizing a different top horn Rears: Klipsch LaScalas, I bought these bad boys new in 1979 Electronics: I...
  13. Horns and acoustic treatments

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I'm in the process of getting some hornloaded speakers for my theater (Klipsch THX Ultra2). I've read alot about setting these up, and acoustic treatments is often mentioned. Now, I have conventional speakers and conventional FRP treatments (and more). How is treatments different with...
  14. Wood horns for free.

    DIY Speakers
    Pair of wood horns with 2 in throat built for BMS4592 ND drivers. The horn mouth is approx 18in wide by 4.75in high by 11 in deep. The horns had a clean 500 hz low cutoff with the BMS driver. These are FREE you pay for shipping from New Mexico. The only requirement I have is these are for DIY...
  15. 2 Channel guy with SET amp and Horns going to use REW - Suggestions wanted.

    REW Forum
    I have a 45 tube SET amp system with Horns in a dedicated 2 Channel system. I build some custom crossovers for it and my plan is to use REW to see if it looks as good on paper as it sounds. Or can the crossover be tweaked. I currently have Klispch Bass Bins and Tweeters with Altec 1005B horns...
  16. TL's and Horns vs ported

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    other than complex to design, difficult to construct, and maybe more difficult to find a good driver for the application.... more money, more weight, possibly a larger size... Why don't more knowledgeable and capable DIY'ers go this route? I specify knowledgeable and capable because obviously...
  17. Building speakers with vintage drivers and horns

    DIY Speakers
    Hello Everyone, I am Newbie in this forum and planning to build my own speakers for two channel as well as HT. I also have on hand three pairs of vintage drivers (two pairs 12 inches Stephen Trusonic and a pair of Pioneer 12 inches coaxial driver) and a pair of JBL LE175 horns. They all have 16...
  18. my DIY 5 way frontloaded hornsystem with round tractrix horns

    DIY Speakers
    hi i want to present my speaker system, which however is not finished yet. Consisting in Sub: Aura 1808 ; 50hz, active with rhytmik plate amp. Upper bass : front loaded basshorn , active, with RAS300 bassmodul, driver JBL 2206h 50hz - 150hz Lower midrange: 38" tractrix horn, with Fane...