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  1. HTC m8

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    Picked up the new HTC M8 today and so far I'm really enjoying it. I've been Apple for the last 6 years but wanted to try out something new . I was debating between galaxy 5s LG3 and this one. Very easy to navigate and a lot of fun
  2. My HTC room and REW results

    REW Forum
    Dear all, Thank you for this wonderfull software. I build my first HTC room 23 years ago... Oucccchhhh It was the time of laser disc and 4.0 surround. This is some pics of my last room : So now it is time to measure all this :D My first mesure...
  3. Firmware updates for Pioneer AV receivers add HTC Connect music streaming compatibility

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    HTC CONNECT WIRELESS MUSIC STREAMING NOW AVAILABLE ON PIONEER AV RECEIVERS VIA FIRMWARE UPDATE Pioneer Electronics has released a new firmware update for all Pioneer 2012 networked audio video receiver models to support the exciting HTC Connect™ technology, a feature that allows owners of...
  4. HTC Phone and Gmail ?

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    Ok my wife has a HTC phone thru work and has her Gmail account setup on it. When she deletes something off of there it still is in gmail thru the web. Is there a setting somewhere that synchs the two up so that when she deletes stuff off the phone it is gone from gmal.com?