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  1. Toughest Challenge Yet for the HTS Crew!!!!

    REW Forum
    OK , As title says this is gonna be tough . No SPL meter yet , I will buy one in less then a week. Radio Shack Model: 33-2055 will this one work?, But before i do that i want to make sure i have everything, And that ill be able to run REW from my Comp....... With that said lets do this...
  2. How Good is HTS

    New Member Introductions
    Forums began founded on a simple theory of trust and people helping people. Somewhere along the line, they all turned into presidential debates with warrantless attacks on character, misrepresentations and plain old bull. It's been a month or so now since I received my Onkyo HT based on...
  3. Humbled - Your HTs

    AV Home Theater
    I am new here on this site and today I have spent some time looking at some of your HTs in the photo area. All I can say is Wow! Some of you have some very nice rooms (and equipment). Wish you lived closer to me cause then I would just come hang out at your place. :bigsmile: Really though...