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  1. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    JBL LSR305 LCR Fluance SXBP Bipolar Surround SVS SB13 Ultra Yamaha RX-A840BL Samsung 4K 65" Curved Xbox One 4K
  2. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Hey all, Greetings from Down Under! Thought I would throw this up here just for fun. Nothing compared to the beautiful I have always LOVED audio and video which I think I must have inherited from my dad. Spending my teen years building speaker boxes and helping dad with his PA equipment at...
  3. CD-BD-DVD Music | Vinyl Records
    Humble Pie "AS Safe As Yesterday Is" on vinyl . My first ever Humble Pie album picked it up used for $10. .. One can see Peter Frampton on guitar in this video. This was great band..love their sound
  4. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    we spend lots of time here...always looking to upgrade
  5. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Panasonic TH-50PZ77 Ascend 340SE's LCR Ascends 170's surrounds Epik Legend Rotel RCD-955AX Sony PS1 SCPH-1001 Panasonic DMP-BD85 Sony PS3 Slim Sota Sapphire 111 Table Jelco SA250-ST Arm Audio Tecnica 440MLA Cart Music Hall PA 1.2 Phono Pre Onkyo TX-SR 702 Waiting Delivery Onkyo TX-NR809 Motorola DVR
  6. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    ***This is an old thread showing my first stab at a theater room... the new version of the room can be found by clicking here*** Thought I would share some picts of my HT! It's a relatively small room... about 13'X17'X8 1/2'... It's a spare room in our basement. No door, unfortunately...
  7. Home Theater Room Photos (Finished Rooms Only)
    Hi from Wanganui New Zealand. This is my home theatre I have put together .. My room size.. 18' x 10' Equipment Panasonic 46" plasma Full HD TV.. Sanyo projector.. Marantz SR4700 receiver 7.1 surround... My SKY receiver recorder.. Phyllips Video player recorder.. Panasonic CD player tape player...
  8. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Guess this is were you post info about your system? "BRAG, BRAG" :D My current system: Front: Klipsch RF-63 Center: Klipsch RC-64 Surround: Klipsch RS-42 Subs: XTZ 99W12.16 12" x2 Butt kickers: SinusLive basspumps x4 under the couch - (hooked up to a Zachry DSW-450 sub amp) Paradox Audio cables...
  9. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Panasonic p42st30 plasma Panasonic p42s30 plasma Direct tv HDDVR Harmony 700 remote Ps3 blu-ray/gaming w/harmony adaptor Polk rti-a3 mains Polk csi-a4 center Polk fx500i surrounds TC Sounds LMS-R15 DIY subwoofer Bic acoustech pl-200 sub Polk psw111 sub Marantz sr5005 receiver
  10. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Receiver: Harmon Kardon AVR 247 BluRay Player: Samsung BDP1400(Hopefully soon to be replaced by an Oppo BD-93) Amp: Behringer EP4000 Mains: DCM TimeFrame 600's Center: Atlantic Technology 453C(A really great match for the DCM's believe it or not) Sides: Atlantic Tech IWTS 10e-sr Rears: Atlantic...
  11. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Hey all, I thought I would start a thread to find out how people stumbled into our hobby. What was your first step out of the world of built in TV speakers? When I hooked my 50W Pioneer 2 Ch bookshelf system to my 27in JVC, I knew there was no turning back. 5 years later I went into a pawn shop...
  12. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I've been meaning to post my humble setup here for some time but never seemed to find the time until now. We bought a house last year that had an older home theater setup in it. The people that moved out took all the home theater gear with them. I'm glad they did because it needed to be...
  13. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    So if it werent for me becoming interested in trying to upgrade my system through an awesome giveaway here I would be almost too embarrassed to post my stuff in comparison with what a lot of yall are killing it with. Nonetheless, here goes nothing: Video: 32" Samsung LCD AVR: Onkyo TX-NR 807...
  14. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Well I guess I will get right to it.. oh and I am sure this will change shortly.. Onkyo TX-NR808 AVR Potential Setup 1 SVS STS-02 Mains and matching Centre 4 Klipsch Quintet's used for 7.1 surrounds 2 Polk R10 speakers for 5.1 surrounds Potential Setup 2 Switch SVS with two Klipsch RF82 and...
  15. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Samsung HLR-5677W Pioneer VSX-23 Klipsch RF-83, RC-62, RS-42 WD 1TB hard drive ROKU Sony DVD PS3 PS2 Wii Sony 5 disc CD changer Dell Laptop iTouch Harmony One Oh yeah, I forgot the antenna... without that there would be on real TV
  16. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    I've got a tiny Sony Trinitron XBR from the last century an HK DVD/SACD player Sony Tapedeck Denon Tapedeck Technics Turn Table w/ Grado Blue cart HK3390 stereo reciever 2 Mackie HR624 mk2 speakers 2 10" Allison subs Don't laugh,:paddle: Dan:help:
  17. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Currently I have: Denon AVR-788 Infinity Beta 40s BIC H100 Subwoofer Toshiba HD-DVD HD-A3 Logitech Harmony 520
1-17 of 35 Results