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  1. Eliminating 120 hz buzzing

    System Setup and Connection
    Had to re register. Been a long time since I’ve been on here;). Trying to eliminate a very annoying 120 hz buzzing sound coming through my setup. I’ve tried tons of things, new surge protectors, different outlets, hum x, etc. it’s a buzz that come on every 6-8 seconds, buzzes for a few then...
  2. whats the best crossover hz for 9.2 system

    AV Home Theater
    whats the best crossover fq to use with this my preference is 70hz to 50hz any thoughts my fronts are BIC Amercia Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89 tower set at 65hz https://www.amazon.com/BIC-Amercia-Acoustech-Platinum-PL- 89/dp/B001VIXH7I/ref=pd_sim_23_4...
  3. All my graphs are now showing a 60 dB suckout at 9,590 Hz

    REW Forum
    This just started about a week ago and I can't figure out why. It doesn't matter which speaker or mic I'm using, or their relative placement. I use a Behringer Xenyx502 for a mic preamp and then go into my HP desktop line in. I don't send the mic input to the speakers so that's not an issue. Any...
  4. 20 hz with linkwitz transform fail?

    Sealed Subwoofer Build Projects
    So I'm wondering why my project failed kinda failed, I've got an subwoofer with the following specs: Qes: 0.419 Qms: 4.888 Qts: 0.386 FS: 21.7 Vas: 335L xmax: 8mm SD: 855,3 cm² (15 in) I tried a sealed box with about 140L, got a really nice response curve, simulations predicted -13db @20hz and...
  5. Magnepan - 80+100-400hz being sucked out and looking for advice

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Something about my room is sucking out 100-400hz. I have corner traps in the front corners, and corner over the speakers, and 2" panels behind my Maggie 3.5s to tame the worst of the rear reflections. I also have some material behind the seating position to tame reflections from behind. Room...
  6. Variable smoothing: really 1/48 oct below 100 Hz?

    REW Forum
    In connection with an earlier thread about smoothing, I was doing some experiments with REW. I took a single unsmoothed measurement and saved it twice under two different names, then using File, Open Measurement, I brought these two identical measurements into an empty project. Then I...
  7. 100 hz dip

    Home Audio Acoustics
    Hi guys, i'll introduce myself as most of you dont know me. My name is Matthijs, 28yo and i'm from the netherlands. (so my writing might nog be perfect :)) Im currently setting up my new room which is meant for professional mixing purposes. The lengt of my room is 5.65 (Meters) The width is...
  8. RTA - Frequencies below 15.75 Hz

    REW Forum
    The Spectrum and RTA graphs in the RTA Window don't show any data below ~15.75 Hz. Is it possible for this to be extended lower with a few more octaves? Here is why I am asking: I'm able to route movies directly through REW using my MOTU 1248 AVB mixing panel. I used an 80 hz crossover with a...
  9. My measurement always just goes to 8k Hz

    REW Forum
    Hello, sorry for my bad english (I am from Germany). I try to work with the REW 5.1 software for a few days. But I have a problem. My measurement always just goes to 8k Hz, but I have set 20k Hz. The microphone is from the Antimode 8033, and for that I have the MicAmp Mk. II measuring kit...
  10. 40 hz and up drop in response?

    REW Forum
    Hey all, I was playing around with REW to measure my sub performance in my finished basement. I'm running two old SVS CS 16-46 cylinders powered by a Samson S700 amp. I normally have them split with one up front and one to the side of the MLP. I"m pretty limited in positioning as this is a...
  11. Audyssey correction with 20-200Hz ONLY ??

    Audio Processing
    Greetings! I have a HT system with High-End gear. My speakers sounds superb, however they (or room actually) still need some correction into 20-200 Hz frequerncy range. I have read HTShack's guide to proper correction with Audyssey XT32. The result is indeed (geometrically) beautiful FR. Sound...
  12. Is it normal for the fundamental to be off by a few Hz?

    REW Forum
    So I've started playing with my UMIK-1 and decided to focus on my subwoofer first (Lava LSP12). I'm looking at an imminent sub purchase (PB-13 or FV15HP or equivalents) and wanted to understand what I have now so that I can make a better informed decision while also appreciating the upgrade...
  13. Audyssey MultEQ below 120 Hz...

    Audio Processing
    I have an older Denon AVR-987 which includes support for the original MultEQ (not XT not XT32). I know the newer versions of Audyssey include better support for Subwoofer equalization, but is it safe to assume that MultEQ is ignoring frequencies below 120 Hz? I just introduced a Behringer...
  14. (2) Infinity REF1262W, 9 ft3, 18 Hz tune, BASH 500W

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    (2) Infinity REF1262W, 9 ft3 (net), 18 Hz tune, BASH 500W F3 at 22 Hz. F6 at 17 Hz. 107 dB at 16 Hz. 111 dB at 20 Hz. 115 dB at 40 Hz. All 1 m GP. SPL is shown at Xmax (13 mm) of drivers. Stock Bash HPF (Fc 17.36, Q 0.817) is included for all graphs. Peak port velocity of 23.5...
  15. EQ Above 200-300hz

    REW Forum
    I am curious as to why I have read many times over, you should not EQ any frequency's over the 200-300hz range??? Can someone explain???
  16. EQing above 250 hz ???

    Audio Processing
    ....Anybody watch this interview about EQ ?? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1478854/the-science-of-the-room-with-paul-hales
  17. 140 Hz 15 db too loud still not fixed

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I have 8 ft ceilings so I ran this mode program and that gave frequencies of 70/140/280 etc and yes, those frequencies are WAY too loud where I sit in the room (roughly 40% from one wall and a tad off center). So, I made 2' x 2' x 4" mineral wool bass traps and hung 12" from ceiling OVER the...
  18. Pink Noise, Filtered, for Setting Subwoofer Level - 80 Hz Crossover

    Downloads Area
    Pink Noise, Filtered, for Setting Subwoofer Level - 80 Hz Crossover Test sounds for setting your subwoofer level using a SPL meter, because sometimes that's all you've got. Intended subwoofer crossover point: 80 Hz. Instructions: 1. Play Track 1 through both main speakers together - yes...
  19. Entry level 7.1 AVR with 80 Hz Xo?

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    Please list entry level receivers meeting the following criteria: 7.1 Dolby Digital TrueHD and/or DTS MasterHD Minimum of two HDMI inputs No other features needed or wanted Leaning toward Onkyo, consider Yamaha, Denon Amplifier power is irrelevant, I will not employ the power amp stage. If...
  20. 7cu. ft SI 15 build 20 HZ

    Ported Subwoofer Build Projects
    well my SI boxes are built this was my first attepmt at DIY they look decent despite mutiple screw ups lol