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  1. JVC
    First, I bought it used. Second, I didn't get the original remote and had to buy a universal remote. Third, it worked perfectly for the first couple of months. Then, out of the blue, it would no longer turn off with just a simple push of the remote control off button or the tv power button. To...
  2. JVC
    My JVC AV-32F713 will not turn off. When I hit the power button on the remote, it blinks and the sound turns off. When I hit the power button a second time, it shuts off for a few seconds and then turns back on with the sound back on as well. I tried unplugging it for the night (for about 7...
  3. JVC
    Hope Im doing this correctly. I have a JVC IART TV model number AV-65WP74 with blue lines that arc from the top corner of the screen about half way down the and back up to the opposite corner. I am trying to figure out if its worth fixing. Thank you for any help...
1-3 of 3 Results