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  1. Klipsch icon kf26 system

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hi all. Thinking about making my first purchase for HT. Local dealer has this 5.1 set for $1000 aus. Have heard them and liked them on an area that is open with store background noise. Liked them a lot. My room is 9ft wide by 15 ft deep, completely enclosed. Basically can anyone tell me if this...
  2. Vertical MTM Klipsch Icon center better!

    Home Audio Speakers
    Yeah I had to flip the center sideways vertical it sounds much better than horizontal but seems too high for full-screen movies. Why does voice just sound wrong when Center channel is flipped Horizontal normal placement sounds wrong? Sadly flipping it vertical is not an option for full...
  3. Klipsch Icon Center Placement??

    Home Audio Speakers
    Whats the best place to put This center channel?? For best sound quality. I tried google but cannot find much good info. http://www.klipsch.com/kc-25-center-speaker I have KF-26 Floorstanding Speakers as fronts, Well timbre matched with KC-25 woofer size/horn. I am considering building a...
  4. Klipsch Icon W, KF-28, RF's, or ? for $2000

    Home Audio Speakers
    I am curious as to how these speakers rate for their price. I am looking at the Klipsch wf-35 icon w series for my fronts a wc-24 icon w series for the center 2 pair of of ws-24 icon w series surround speakers and the RW-12d subwoofer which is part of the package on newegg with a ONKYO TX-NR609...
  5. NuForce Icon 2 - Increased fidelity for my setup?

    Two Channel Audio
    Hi All, I have a NuForce Icon doing my music processing from my Mac Mini fed into a pair of Orb Mod 1's and a Mirage Omni 8 sub. I just found out that NuForce is bringing out an Icon 2 which bumps from 16/44 & 15 WPC to 24/96 & 30WPC. Here are the links: Icon -...
  6. Google TV gets an icon, launch still on schedule for fall according to Dish

    If you're following the Google TV Team twitter account, (and of course you are right? They're on the list) you may have noticed a new icon popping up yesterday, which apparently will be the signifier for its new offering going forward. The TV with colored boxes doesn't quite have the charm of...
  7. Replacement for NuForce Icon

    Home Theater Receivers | Processors | Amps
    My NuForce Icon has died. I'm working with support, waiting to see if they will fix it, but in the meantime I'm starting to look for alternatives. The Icon is a small amp (17 watts/channel?) with USB DAC. The Icon cost me ~$200 and I don't want to spend more if can help it. The Gizmo is one...
  8. klipsch icon subwoofers

    Home Audio Subwoofers
    Geting the klipsch icon speakers and wanting to match them up with a sub. Looking to get the xw-300 witch is a 8 driver or the xw-500 witch is a 10 driver. - live in a small townhouse and was wanting to know if this is a good sub and what one I should go with. Had a svs nds 10 before and it was...
  9. Klipsch Icon XL Series Speakers

    Home Audio Speakers
    Ok i have the Klipsch quintet III and wanting to upgrade my fronts and center to the Klipsch icon xl-23 and xb -10 . I have yamaha 663 receiver and was wondering if i had enough to power them? klipsch says they need 125w for xl-23 and 100w for the xb-10s would the 663 be able to handle this
  10. stubborn icon

    AV Home Theater
    I wonder if anyone has had this happen to them. I am watching Hellboy II and the bonus view icon will not go away. I tried hitting the button on the remote and it makes no difference......I have the Samsung bdp-1500 so if anyone has an idea how to get rid of it I would appreciate the help.....