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  1. Home Audio Speakers
    I am thinking of trading a friend of mine my old PB13 Ultra for a pair of KEF floorstanding speakers. They are about 15 years old, and I remember when we looked them up to try to find a matching center channel about 4 or 5 years back, the center was around $5000. From what I understand, KEF...
  2. Home Audio Speakers
    Does anyone know what make these speakers are? They are pretty heavy 8" woofer
  3. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Greetings all. I'm looking to find out about a pair of very impressive subwoofer drivers I have come to own. I purchased them about a year ago to begin building a pair of sonotube subwoofers, however with the lack of specs/tc parameters, and going back to school, I have not yet gotten around to...
  4. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Happy new year! Might as well make my first post a dumb one. :confused: I have an unused RL-p15 but don't know if it's the D2 or D4 version. How do I tell?
  5. DIY Repair and Maintenance
    Icaillo, I need pico fuse (protector 491010t52) hitachi part azoo421m. is this just a 10A pico II? it has a solid black line on each side of 10K in gold lettering. I ordered it from encompass a month ago and have become completely fed up with them. I ordered a trs from them that cost me $8...
  6. Home Audio Speakers
    I have a set of Paradigm fronts with a cherry veneer finish that I've had for a few years. I am trying to sell them but do not know the model type. The plate on the back only says Paradigm. Can someone help?
1-6 of 6 Results