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  1. Krell Illusion Processor

    Audio Processing
    Just received our store demo Krell 2-Channel Illusion Processor and 2-Channel Class A iBias Amplifiers. Setting up Krell's new iBias DUO Series Stereo amplifier and the Illusion II Processor in our showroom has raised my bar for reference 2-channel audio. Krell's new processor and iBias...
  2. Audio Illusion

    Chat Box SWAMP
    Here's a fun experiment that demonstrates how we use more than just our ears to hear: https://soundcloud.com/whyy-the-pulse/an-audio-illusion Preconceived knowledge about the sounds we hear can affect how we perceive them. [kinda related, and also pretty interesting: Speaking Piano - Now with...
  3. Krell Introduces Two New Preamplifiers: The Illusion and Illusion II

    Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    There’s an old adage that rings painfully true: If you need to ask how much insurance costs for a Ferrari...then you shouldn’t consider buying a Ferrari. Unfortunately, the essence of that logic can be applied to most high end audio products that enthusiasts see passing before their eyes...
  4. Amusing optical illusion

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    If you stare at the image for long enough you should see a giraffe, pretty cool!