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    Enter the comment you want to make... Then click the attachment icon. (It looks like a paperclip) A small window will pop up. Click on "choose file". Once you click on "choose file" another window will open up for you to navigate to where the image is located on your computer. When you...
  2. DIY Speakers
    In all my research over time I have mostly been looking for Driver chassis which are distinctively different and suited in correspondence to some of my own enclosure ideas. The two driver chassis I became extremely interested in, and these I found only a few weeks ago were the ‘Tang Band W8-740P...
  3. Home Theater Systems | Equipment
    Hi, I think I just toasted my library of pics on this site. I'm very confused how things are organized here so I'm calling out for help. What I want is one library called 3db's Library which exists but is now empty. I want to be able to download all my pics there. That part I understand and...
  4. Home Theater Projectors
    I recently bought a Bell & Howell Filmosound projector and a 16mm copy of 'The Red Balloon.' I went to try it out last week and realized that the lamp was out. Bought a new lamp. Got it today. Tried it. It definitely projects but on the screen it's more or less just showing the light with...
  5. Home Theater, Audio and Video News
    Source: BigPictureBigSound
  6. Video Calibration
    Hello all, The power supply on my Samsung Plasma (PN50B850Y1F) was replaced so I pulled out my calibration tools. I have two sets of calibration discs: the DVE Basics BR and I recently added the AVCHD 1.3 disc. I have the latest V4 version of Calman and a Chroma 5 meter. Out of curiosity I...
  7. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Does anybody know how you go about adding thumbnail images of movies to WDmedia player? I have two and the older model (no HD support) only shows the text of the movie the image window is blank. Thanks
  8. Home Theater Projectors
    I can set the tv image to the size I want but when I switch over to my htpc the image size is alot smaller. I would like them to be the same size so they both fit on one screen size. Anybody know how to fix this? projector is an Epson 1080ub
  9. REW Forum
    The Wayne P tutorial on house curves "House Curve: What is it, why you..." is missing several images that I think would be helpful in the understanding. Maybe they could be resurrected and the sticky updated?
  10. General Screen Discussion
    This will be a thread solely for spectrum images. I know that they're handy for some folks (Smokey ;) ) and I'd like to keep them here for all to see and use if needed. Some of them are different formats as they were done using iMatch Software and exported to Excel where the graph was made...
  11. Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    Does anyone know how to easily insert an arrow onto a Paint Shop Pro image... as such: Seems like it wouldn't be too complicated, but I can't figure it out. I don't see any type of selection of lines or arrows that can be inserted.
  12. General Screen Discussion
    I'm going to try this again as the previous thread got way off track! :bigsmile: If you've been here awhile I'm sure you've seen either Bill or myself post a screen shot of an inverted image. Such as this: But I don't think we've ever explained the thought process behind it. In the DIY...