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  1. Extending REW to import custom data files

    REW Forum
    Hello, Is there a way to extend REW to import custom test data? Does REW provide a plugin interface or programmers API? We have legacy data from APx500 measurements that we'd like to import directly. Currently, we have to save the APx500 project data to *.xlsx (with multiple Excel sheets)...
  2. FR Import Issue

    REW Forum
    Hi folks, I'm trying to import a frequency response file into REW, but I am having some issues. The file imports successfully, but REW graphs values that aren't in the file and larger than the max value in the file. I'm a bit confused by this. Any thoughts as to why this may be occurring...
  3. Import Impulse Response - File Formats

    REW Forum
    Dear all, I am importing impulse responses in WAV format quite often but it seem that REW supports 16bit only e.g. 48kHz 24bits - not supported (even I set the sound card settings to 48kHz) 48kHz 16bits - fine 44.1kHz 24bits - not supported 44.1kHz 16bits - fine, even if the current sampling...
  4. Import USB Soundcard cal files

    REW Forum
    Hey guys, I have not used my Dayton Mic, preamp, BFD, and REW in sometime. I plan to do some measurements after I made some small changes to my system recently. The issue is I am switching the PC I have REW on and forget what all files from previous calibrations need to be imported? I saved...
  5. Import IR wav files - how to analyse correctly? REW estimates

    REW Forum
    Hi Shackers, I imported IR wav files that I measured with another program (EASERA). My problem is that REW estimates what "comes" below and over the frequencies that are included in my IR files. E.g. I measured from 20Hz to 20kHz and saved the IR as .wav files. When I import them in REW it...
  6. import wav file

    REW Forum
    Hi. I measured impulse response of speaker used the other device(sound check) and save the file wav type. I hope import the wav file in the REW. anybody know the method?
  7. How to import media sources

    Computers | HTPC | Media Servers
    I just installed VidOn server on my PC, but I don't know how to import media sources, Could you help me?
  8. “Xbox One games are not region locked”, Microsoft clarifies import stance

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    “Xbox One games are not region locked”, Microsoft clarifies import stance Xbox One’s delay in eight territories may have come as a blow to those affected, but Microsoft has since re-iterated its stance on region-locking and importing in a series of statements. A batch of...
  9. Import graph into Room eq wizard?!

    REW Forum
    I have pdf file of frequency repsonse graph that i want to match is there a way or tool in Room eq wizard or some other software that i could use to do this.How would you do this?Thanks.:huh:
  10. Can I export the measure signal and import a test recording?

    REW Forum
    I am unable to get my audio interface (Digidesign 002) to communicate properly with REW, either on OSX or via bootcamp/windows XP and ASIO. (I have done a number of measurements with my iMac's built in soundcard, but doing the loopback test shows some very strange stuff going on below 800Hz)...
  11. Can't import custom calibration file ( on Mac)

    REW Forum
    Hi all, my first post here. I've read a lot about how to use Rew5 on Mac, and what kind of hardware is required, but I have a really good Omni Microphone ( a pair of them, really...) Oktava MK012, and I want to use it. I've read about "how create a custom calibration file" and found the diagram...
  12. PS3 Import Temporarily Banned in Europe

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    PlayStation 3 Import Temporarily Banned in Europe, Shortages Feared 02/28/2011 Written by Sebastian Moss Earlier this month, South Korean technology giant LG filed a claim with the International Trade Commission calling for a ban on PlayStation 3 sales in the US, saying that...
  13. Import recorded wave into REW?

    REW Forum
    Hello all, I'm new to this community, thanks for having me! I'll be posting my 5 initial posts with actual questions. I will soon be downloading REW. I was wondering if it's possible to record a wave file on my Zoom H4n and then import it to REW for analysis. Thanks.
  14. How can I import a MatLab .mic ECM8000 calibration file into REW?

    SPL Meters | Mic's | Calibration | Sound Cards
    All, How can I import a MatLab .mic ECM8000 calibration file into REW? My ECM8000 mic and calibration file is from a DEQX system. It appears that .mic file is in a binary format output by MatLab. Thanks, Tim P.S. The header of the file starts out like this: ; SIM file produced by MatLab...
  15. Is REW able to import test data collected by Sencore SP295C

    REW Forum
    Hi there, I have a few questions about the REW and hope the experts here can help. 1) I am now using the Radio Shack SPL meter as the Mic and found it was not very accurate, especially in the high frequency portion. Are there any good solutions for this? 2) I just got a new Sencore SP295C...
  16. Can't get REW to import response

    REW Forum
    I created a FRD file using your Excel spreadsheet for my RS SPL meter and SPL Trace. I viewed the file in Notepad and it looks good, it seems follow all the guidelines listed in the help section of REW. I can't get it to open with REW for some reason. With REW open it go to import measurements...
  17. Where to Import from Japan/Hong Kong

    Home Theater Projectors
    I get a lot of questions on another forum asking where to get the Epson EMP-TW700 from. Here are some places I've found... ebay sellers: time2envy (Where I bought mine) dieswiththemosttoys importers: www.pricejapan.com www.hivizone.com Please note that neither I nor HomeTheaterShack...
  18. Unable to import .txt files into REW.

    REW Forum
    Hi Thomas has just sent me over from the TIB Cult. :D I've tried with and without commas and with and without spaces but I can't import my .txt test tones files into REW any more.:blush: My files worked last week with the REW version from the BFD website. But when it stopped accepting my...