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  1. REW Forum
    This waterfall was taken in my HT after I built a subwoofer comprising a JL Audio 12 inch driver mounted in a Miller and Kreisel surplus enclosure of 1.7 cu. ft. Polyester fiberfill was added to the enclosure to adjust the Q to 0.7. The plate amp was a Parts Express 300 W. The crossover was...
  2. Mobile Audio
    This is a Titanium Power APEX10 This one I will install im my car. FS-32HZ QMS-6.658 VAS-1.4 cu. ft QTS-.6 Xmax (in) .45 SPL-88 Dual 4ohm VC Would this 10 be good option for IB in the car? I have a Suzuki SX4 Sport sedan. The seats do not fold down and there is no ski pass. The rear speakers...
  3. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding the port sizing of the sub I am planning to build. My drivers are 2 10" Rockford Fosgate P210D4's that I have had laying around for awhile. These drivers have an xmax of 11 mm and my box will be tuned to 24 Hz with an internal volume of 130 L...
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  7. Samsung
    Hi Guys, Hoping for some input/advice Against my beeter judgement, brought a new 55 inch samung led 3d tv (waiting time in australia for the 50 inch plasma was over a month) anyway the picture when still is great but does tend to have a drag when in motion and to be honest not as good as some...
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  12. DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I am looking to build a new sub with more headroom and excursion than my previous sub, adire audio shiva 3 (not x). After playing Avatar on blue ray my old shiva threatend to shoot it's voice coil into next year! making loud clacking sounds. So I think I want a good 15 incher with good x-max and...
  13. REW Forum
    Hi All :) I got referred to here from another place so that I can try to analyze my room and possibly EQ my subwoofer. I've been reading the connection guide at the top, and have a question. I currently have two laptops that I can use with REW, but after some research I'm at a loss. First...
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  16. Classifieds - Video Displays and Projectors
    I have for a sale a brand new Samsung UN55B6000 120hz 1080p LED television. Still has plastic around the screen and hasn't been used. Excellent television for an excellent price. $1600. Let me know. Thanks.
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41-60 of 86 Results