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  1. [REQ]: Increase ref time to 2 (or 3) decimal places & add an "align all measurements to time=x" feature

    REW Forum
    I have a couple of feature requests 1) increase the no of decimal places in the window box for ref time to 2 (or 3) decimal places 2) add a feature that lets you enter a ref time and then REW will automatically move each measurement so that the detected ref time is moved to that point in time...
  2. Beat the C$ price increase on DSPeaker Antimode and Dual Core 2.0

    Creative Sound Solutions
    We have a new shipment of the Antimode 8033S-II and the Dual Core 2.0 and are willing to sell these at the current prices for Canadian customers before we have to adjust. We can also come up with some attractive bundle pricing with sub drivers and/or plate amps.
  3. Cat5e Cable, Can I use to carry LIVE TV?... and to increase Wi-Fi????

    Remotes | Cables | Accessories | Tweaks
    I have cable through time-Warner. I have two TV'S. The main SMART LED Samsung,(in living room) is connected along with the TV, Cable box, and BluRay, ALL connected into my Yamaha Surround Sound. of course, I can watch Netflix and other apps on this smart tv, as well as LIVE TV. I have a second...
  4. If bi-amping, do other levels have to raise and increase noise/distortion?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Ok, forgive me if avr's compensate for this already somehow, but l'm getting ready to bi-amp my mains for the 1st time with a denon avr-x2000 OR nad T 748v2. 7 year old midlevel Polks that I still really like. When bi-amping the mains, do all of the other speakers have to have their levels...
  5. Max SPL seems low, how to increase it?

    REW Forum
    My setup is Dayton EMM6 into a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, REW configured to use the saffire's ASIO driver & all levels in the windows audio config are at max. I then calibrate REW's SPL meter can see that the max SPL reported is in the mid 90s. To get this I need the pre amp gain to be maxed as...
  6. Possible Increase 3D Signal To Glasses On 65GT30 Panasonic

    HDTV | Video Displays | Processors
    Hello everyone, I own the Panasonic 65GT30 and the problem I'm having is with the 3D signal. I had to move the seat a little further back from the tv and now when I try to watch a 3D movie it blinks from non-tv to 3D-tv. When I get up and walk closer to the tv, the 3D stays on with no...
  7. How to increase sound on a diy amplifier board

    DIY Audio
    Hello friends,me and a friend of mine that lives next door,are having pigeon problems,so we tought about making a diy amplifier board to put predetors call like hawk(We don't want to use glue or sticks to hurt the birds)so we got one like the pic attached http://postimg.org/image/uw8o2fmo9/...
  8. How to Increase the Out Puts of a Stereo

    System Setup and Connection
    Not really home theater related just thought someone on here may know. I had a old stereo receiver running 4 indoor speakers and 2 outdoor, upgraded the stereo and it only has 4 out puts. If I double them up I am worried I will do damage and doesn't sound good. So is there a device that will...
  9. Dropping Microsoft Points will see cost of Xbox Live games increase

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    Dropping Microsoft Points will see cost of Xbox Live games increase Xbox Live products will increase in price after Microsoft drops its points-based payment system in favor of real currency, according to sources involved in the company’s latest Xbox Live beta. Speaking with Eurogamer...
  10. Increase my projector brightness or buy higher-gain screen?

    Home Theater System Recommendations
    Hello all, I am hoping to tap into your experience for guidance about a projector screen purchase. I am building a dedicated home theater in my basement, which should be a near-completely light controlled environment (walls painted dark burgundy, furniture and fixtures all dark burgundy/black...
  11. Use of additive to increase leveling?

    DIY Screen Development and Testing
    As I'm painting my screen for the second time, I'm using a piece of MDF as the substrate. ATM it is on the ground as I roll the paint on. I did this as I noticed before with BW™ that there was a slight sheathing affect on the wall which I was able to notice. Now, on the ground and horizontal...
  12. Odd increase in 10k RT60

    Home Audio Acoustics
    I reran REW in my room after some minor changes over the last few weeks. Suddenly I have an almost off the chart spike in RT60 at 10k+. Waterfall shows a weird decay. It seems linear, so I'm not thinking a buzz or other equipment problem. What could be causing this? I am using a beta...
  13. TC Sound price increase 5-1-2011

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    Parts Express just announced that TC Sound subs will incur a price increase on May 1st 2011, you can see there post here: http://techtalk.parts-express.com/showthread.php?t=224412 I knew the price of the Pro 5100 would eventually have to increase with the price of Neodymium tripling in just a...
  14. speaker wire and gauge increase

    System Setup and Connection
    i have an existing, outdoor ,buried 4 pr telephone line feeding an outside speaker from my indoor receiver.the wire is about 40 feet long. it is solid wire, i am guessing 22 gauge ,19 at the most.i am hoping to increase the gauge . if i twist 2 of the wires together at both ends and put them as...
  15. Xbox Live fees to increase

    Video Game Systems | Video Games
    I fear there will be a few people unhappy about this move.
  16. decible increase by adding another sub

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    I've been having an argument with my neighbor about what kind of decible increase you get buy adding a second sub. In my experience you get close to 6db gain if subs are "stacked" (using same sub with same power) and 3db or so if they are spread apart in the room. Is this correct? He says you...
  17. Why does port length increase when two ports replace one?

    DIY Subwoofers - General Discussion
    As per title, Just wondering why two ports are required to be longer than a single port? For instance if I tune a cab with a single 10" port, but the port velocity is too high and I add another port, these ports are then required to be 22.5" long each?
  18. Treble increase + speakers = bad?

    Home Audio Speakers
    I was looking around for my speakers, because I was hearing that the R50's had some tweeter issues, where they fried. And a Polk Audio represenative said this; Is this true?
  19. Will BFD increase input sensitivty similar to what a CleanBox does?

    Electronic Processing/Equalization Devices
    I just finished my 14 cu foot IXL18.4 LLT sub tuned to 14hz. I am currently powering it with a Behringer EP2500 lead from a Panasonic XR-55 receiver. I am connecting my receiver to the EP2500 using the sub out (RCA) from my XR-55 into a 1/4 TS adapter into the EP2500. It's pretty apparent...
  20. Do you treat a room to increase bass

    Home Audio Acoustics
    do you treat a room to increase the low output or just to reduce reflections