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  1. Adjusting AV/Speaker volume individually ok?

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    So I am fussy about vocals and front volume so I increase the fronts and center individually via the AVR - is this ok? Any repercussions? Will any equipment be "over" worked or put undue pressure on the Amp? Integra 30.4 AMP Def Tech Pro 1000 Def Tech Center 2000 SVS PB12 Def Tech 800's rear...
  2. Lord of the Rings movies break out of the box set, hit Blu-ray individually 9/14

    Yes, there's new Lord of the Rings Blu-ray news and no, it isn't the Extended Editions of the movies. If the pressure of buying the boxed set is just too much to bear don't worry, this fall you'll finally be able to buy each movie individually (we prefer to skip to RoTK, we're impatient like...